Ather In Goa/Panjim

Yes yes. It’s there in our EC too. Ather follows same design scheme for its EC’s. It is quite good.

Hahaha great. Looking forward for your delivery experience/pictures and your overall experience.

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Is the date 17 September confirmed or just a tentative date of launch. As there is no news around it on the forum as well as insta . I spoke to eshan and gave my documents as well but he was saying no date is confirmed yet

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Yeah, 17th is just a tentative date. Today they had told probably by 20th or 21st. It depends on the showroom completion.

Hey everyone did anyone get the invite for the 17 th. I got the invite for 17th September 11 am

Only if I knew goa ec which wasn’t talks for the last two months would open faster than the MYSORE ec and also will have grids faster than we do,anyways it’s been 6 months since test rides began,we don’t have a single grid,with 100+ ather’s on road we expect some popping out, anyways the wait continues, Congratulations guys!

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Nope. Via mail is it?

Nope via call and WhatsApp it was sent from dealers end


Yup, got the Invite via WA and showroom opens on 17 Sep, but, there won’t be any delivery. I have given my Documents as well for processing. Will wait for intimation from them. As I am taking loan, I m still waiting for a call from the finance executive.

I am not sure as when the deliveries will start, I am planning to visit to get more details, though I spoke to Eshan with E, he said, he will remind the excutive.

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Any update on delivery of scooters guys ? And did any of you heard of Goa government state subsidy for EVs of rupees 30000 for 2 wheelers and 1.5 lakhs for 4 wheelers… please share any info about the above 2 doubts.

Any idea about Series 1? like if anyone is getting series 1 in goa who has prebooked or who are eligible?