Ather In Goa/Panjim

As the Q4 of 2020(March 2021) is about to get over and we were told that Goa will be in Q1 of 2021 (April 2021), creating this topic to understand the timeline for having Ather in Goa (Panjim). I am not sure how many folks from Goa have booked and are on this forum, this is also good opportunity to connect with them. So keep replying champs. Lets spread the word. Ather is coming in Goa…


It will so amazing to be able to rent Ather 450X to roam around Goa as a tourist :heart_eyes::ok_hand::ok_hand:… Clean Goa​:kissing_heart:


Yeh, but, i wont give mine for Rent ok, my prized possesion(whevever i will have it). but, good thought, let me speak with Bank to give me loan to start this venture in Goa… Rent a EV :smiley:

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For a moment i thought this page was created by Officials of Ather, confirming the launch​:joy::joy: But sadly, it’s fan page, nevertheless lets hope the launch and delivery is in the beginning of Q1.

if you see, its just to get more folks from Goa to connect. Togather we have power, not alone. Kide mhanta, saarkhe mare

Booked my Ather Test Drive today in Old Goa, will update the experience here…

Disappointed with Ather, could not get test ride at Blive Old Goa. We prebooked test ride for 27 Mar 2021 at Blive, Old Goa location. Sadly Blive guys did not aware for the appointment and Ather scooter was not even available there. After some time they said that scooters are available at their Panjim Godown but not charged.

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Yes, me and Neel were first among the folks there at Goa Velha at Blive for a Test Ride Nd folks there were not even aware that, they are supposed to giving Test Ride. They did some calling at Panjim(Seniors) and said, vehicle is there, but, no charge, one person said it’s for Maintainace… I said give me Panjim Address I will visit on my way To Mapusa, but, there was no such place as Blive on the adress given. Really disappointed. @abhishek.balaji sir FYI @tarun pls Fix the issue and than start the Test Ride pls. Hope this experience does not get Translated in more Frustration. Ishan

Experience was No Test Ride

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So old Goa is the place for Ather Space !!

That is not ruled out, but, the one where i went for Test Ride was in Goa Velha, Blive (inside Old Goa Residency) very close to Old Goa Circle. Now that the experience was not great, as there was no Test Ride vehicle nor were ppl there aware about such test ride happening. We now need to wait for official communication from @abhishek.balaji as when the same will start. As Goa is planned for Q1 of 2021, i am really looking forward for the same.

Hey folks,

This was a miss from our end, someone was a little trigger happy in getting the test ride booking page up. Apologies for the bad experience, we’re getting the test rides up and running in Goa and will update on the forum when you can drop by for a test ride!


Thanks a lot @abhishek.balaji will definitely wait for the official communication. Happy Holi

Get this person to build the Indore test ride page too😂

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oh don’t ask for this, I was so excited when I saw Test Ride option and seeing confirmatory Mail From Ather Abt Test Ride…I Had my Lunch and just drove to Old Goa, which is around 30km from Mapusa… Worst was when my Son asked me, Baba, where is ur Bike? I was speechless. so, let’s say, hold on, Disappointment is a Bad Feeling after Hell Lot of Excitement. honestly, Return journey back home and reaction at home was more on down side. Now will wait for Abhishek to confirm.

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Right. I understand the disappointment. I was just saying because all the Cities in the list till Indore have begun the test rides and Goa is next after Indore. So I don’t know if the scooters are here. I found the Dealer from . He said 2-2.5 months. I spoke with him on 10th March. And Indore isn’t a big place like Goa so I wouldn’t mind going and seeing. I would still wait for Abhishek’s post.

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Just booked the test drive on this Saturday 4th April 2021.

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So, Today I took the Test Ride of Ather 450X and I was Blown away… I don’t need to tell abt it on this Forum, but, one Thing For Sure, I was not at all disappointed, the Feel, the experience was next level. Top notch compared to the Original Ather. Now looking forward from Pre Booked Ather 450X to Owning one… Lot of my friends also got curious after I made this my Status on WA. So thank You Ather, now Set Up the Showroom and Let me own one. Only small request, there should be knowledgeable person at the Test Ride as not all Who would visit for Test Ride would be member of Ather Forum or Have pre-booked Ather 450X or have done extensive research before coming there. Also, the person was not sure if latest OTA update was installed on the Demo Vehicle. Load of Love.! Now time to own one


Just took the Test Ride, Agreed that the person was not very informed on the bike but I guess that’s due to limited technical training by Ather, however the whole process of test ride was smooth and the person dint set any wrong expectations.

When are the deliveries starting in Panjim?

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Hi guys how to book for test ride in Goa . And any firm delivery time line for the delivery . And will be deliveries be as per the order no.

Call 76766 00900 , share you booking reference and book the test ride.

Did the BLive guys told anything about delivery and outlet opening dates?