Ather In Goa/Panjim

Hey guys I also got the delivery of my bike today. Not very happy with my delivery but very upset to c that ather is not looking at the dealer level setups and systems. Very nice folks at the dealer but no info about most of the things regards to the bike. I wanted a ather dot for my house and I had been telling this to the dealer guys since my process started here at dealer level and was disappointed that they gave me the portable charger with my scooter . I asked them if I can exchange it later with the dot then they refused to do so as they told me that the chargers are paired with the scooter and cannot be exchanged. Bike ride of 50 km from porvorim to Margao and then to Borim was very good and enjoyed a lot . Will share the details as the kms rake up.


Congratulations on the new scooter.

FYI Portable chargers are not paired with the scooter. I’d say getting a portable charger when asked for Dot is better than getting a Dot when requested for a Portable charger.

But I agree that Ather has not been successful at making the delivery experience consistently good for all. Exchange of Dot and Portable charger has been an issue since 450x deliveries started.


Awesome Zari to know, I m not sure but, looks like another Gray was ur Ather kept for delivery besides mine… yes, Delivery experience can be better, rather they need to improve overall experience. I think, they will improve in coming days, I did had lot of candid discussion with Folks from Ather guys and I can’t disclose everything here, but, they are putting a Brave front. I also felt Sales exceutive can be trained better, they lack finer details, to explain a customer who has questions or who is already aware abt EV. I was w also happy that I ended up helping a prospective customer, when I was waiting for my delivery. as Sales exceutive was busy helping another Customer with test ride.

Honestly, experience matter when u take delivery, however Good ur product may be, Experience and Post Sales Service matter.

I am in Love With My Ather

thanks @abhishek.balaji and entire @ather team for such a wonderful and World Class Product.


Hi Took delivery of my Ather450X series 1. Was promised a helmet at delivery. However, then I was told that Ather not providing Helmet in Goa. Well can you clarify this? At the end of the day, the helmet is not even 1% of the total vehicle cost, but this does not auger well. We are probably paying the highest cost in the country at


It depends on state regulations. Some places it might be mandatory, some places it might not

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Please conform with the customer care

They do provide Helmet, just not Free, I had to pay ₹1600 for my Helmet, now, I am not sure, Ather Branded Helmet are to be given Free or should be charged to customer. As per the information from Sales Executive, it’s not free but charge to customer if they intend to buy. I have been given Bill for the same. I felt very sad, cos When I went to get delivery for my RE Meteor I was given Free Royal Enfield branded helmet, no question asked.

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Hi @ishandhavlikar my ather is series 1 and not grey :smiley: congratulations for your bike. I am also very happy with my ather but sales experience was not at all the standard I expected . In last 1 year I have taken 2 bikes delivery and I got helmet free with both my bikes i.e Ntorq and mt15 . And sales experience was very smooth and informative when I took deliveries . As far as my ather is concerned I m very very happy with bike. I will be riding at as my everyday commuter from ponda to Margao and back.


Hi all

Have created group for all ather goa owners, you might want to join


The link does not seem to work. I just booked an Ather. Is the group only for owners or even for those who have booked?

above link is for Ather Owners from Goa, once u take delivery Either Yash or Eshan would add u to above group.

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