Ather Grid in Mumbai

Powai surely needs one. :blush: That will be fantastic

We need a few in Lonavala too…!

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Not sure - all grid points don’t need payments - now till Dec 2021.

Grid at Lodha Florenza (Goregaon) is down again. It was installed in Feb 2021 & since then I’m complaining about that it is not operational & several followups made to make it live on app. Today morning it was showing live & green so I went to test but Grid went OFF when I plugged in , after 2 minutes charge Grid light gone. On panel Fault light was blinking. The same had happened 2 months ago & now again. Request to please look into the matter sort out the issue on priority as its a high time now


+1 in Mumbai - Mulund


Hi guys, Is the Ather grid at Hotel Yogi Midtown in Navi Mumbai working? Will be traveling back home from Khopoli tomorrow morning. Every time I check the Ather grid app, this charger status shows up as grey.

Use the one at Season hotel in Nerul (near DY Patil stadium) - it’s on the service road when going towards Mumbai. Was working last week.


Wondering if moving the Blue Tokai grid to an alternate location makes more sense, since I have been hearing that the location is very deserted and unsafe to visit in the night.

There is a free MGCM parking space at the location below. Can it be worked out?


And one in Mulund, BMC parking too. there are many drunk rickshawalas out in that parking lot. And it smells like shit. And its scary.

Two more Grids in Mumbai

  1. Seven Bungalows
  2. Nerul

All of Bombay, COVERED…! Nice :heart::heart: Next is a few in Lonavala… :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If the next Ather has a longer range, it will put the competition to dust, hands down… The Fast chargers are awesome…!

Alright, first ever terrible experience while fast charging.

  • Goregaon, Green in App, but the charger wasn’t working (red fault light was on). Tried a few times but it didn’t work.
  • Kabra Metro, Grey in App, turned off by the host, reason? (Sir, light bill aata hai. Customer aaye tho hi chalu karte hain). I asked him “chu*%$ kisne bola?”He was asked by his supervisor who was of course not available to answer me. Anyway, he turned on the charger but the damn thing was stuck at “initializing”
  • Andheri, Sahar, Grey in App, was not been used & it worked fine. (Btw, my favourite Grid point. The host is an International hotel and very humble & supportive.
  • Charging status in the app is somehow not getting synced. Phew…! Frustrating day. Am sooo glad wife allowed me to skip shopping. So charging and eating now with a headache.

These are still showing as green and available but these are down.

Called the support team and demanded them to update the app.