Ather dot home charger vs Travel charger

What is the difference between Ather dot home charger vs Travel charger and what they cost?

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Go through the below 2 links to know more about Ather dot home charger and Travel charger…

Travel charger:
Dot Home charger:

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I have an existing EV scooter that we use. So I have a 15AMP wall socket inside a meter box with lock and key in my parking. Installing the Ather Dot seems to be a hassle. It will require additional drilling in the wall and it will be an eyesore with both boxes in the same pillar, not to mention the height of installation for the Ather Dot will be low.

Can I go ahead with the portable charger instead? I just took delivery of my Series 1 yesterday and the charging point is yet to be installed. Are there any drawbacks to using the portable charger as opposed to Ather Dot on a permanent basis?

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For sure you can either go with the Dot or the portable charger. You just need to inform Ather about the decision or choice of you’re going to change what you had selected earlier.

No drawbacks…especially when you already have a box with lock and key. The Portable charger charges any and all Athers while the Dot is paired to your vehicle and can’t charge other Athers. And the form factor is different. Charging speed wise, both chargers are same.