Portable charger

@AtherTeam Can i buy a portable charger for atherspace? Is it readily available? I need one asap!!

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Call to customer support, they will send you payment link after payment, you can go the Ather space and collect.

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Thank you for the info brother!!

Do we have any idea how much is the warranty on Portable charger!!

My portable charger keeps fluctuating green and red when connected in office. It happend last time and got settled in a min. Today when connected back in office it’s continued to flicker…does anyone know the reason…

improper grounding

flickering along with sound

at times though it shows geen but when u start charging it will soon start flickering

signs of improper earthing

Thank you Abhishek for the update. I will check with facilities team on the same

Hey I wanted to know. Th portable charger doesn’t have auto cutoff right? So is it safe to charge overnight?
Also doesn’t the portable charger have a solenoid lock too??

It has a solenoid lock for sure and as far as I know it has auto cutoff as well!!

The charging cable itself doesn’t have an auto cut-off but the vehicle has one. The auto cut-off in the home pod is the second layer of security. I charge mine overnight using the cable. It’s been safe so far.

source: https://blog.atherenergy.com/this-or-that-ca609d65e425


Those who looking forward to buy Ather portable charger (which was out of stock for a while) it is available now. To get, Kindly call Ather customer care and request them to send payment link ( Price of INR 5,664.00) and finish the payment. Once invoice is generated, You can reach AtherSpace to collect it.

For those who feel, why do I purchased it ?

  • As emergency backup, in case my vehicle charged out.

  • I am planning to use everyday in office parking slot which is delegated for charging EV vehicles and where I park vehicle approx 9 hours ideal time which saves my tenant to have peaceful bed time than currently I feel disturbing 2-3 hours by charging at home after coming from office.

  • To avoid, frequent use of Ather grid (fast charging) to keep battery safe. (In case, I extended my shift and not able to charge at home, I have option to charge currently only at Ather grid (DC charge). After buying portable charger, I can manage next day to reach office and charge it normally ( AC charge)

Just thought of sharing my opinion and I agree there are some disadvantage of using portable charger like (no auto power off when charge completed 100% and not capable to handle power/voltage fluctuations)


This is great news… do you know what is the price now…?

Updated price in previous post.

Superb… thank you…:+1:

I got a call from the Ather team on Friday saying that the portable charger is available. I got the payment link in the email, but I’m still deciding if I need it at this price. I was expecting the price to be around 3-4K and not almost 6K :slight_smile: .

If you dont have any objection can I take this portable charger… No hurry you can take time decide and tell…

I have made the payment today for the charger. But I haven’t decided yet, if I will use it or not. The only time I will be needing this is if I go on some long drives with the other owners in the forum. So give me a few more days to decide :).


No problem at all take your time decide and let me know… :slightly_smiling_face:

@Shreyas, Has the GST on the portable charger been reduced to 5%. Can we get a clarification on that pls?

I placed an order today and still see 18% being charged for it.

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I remember reading some post by Shreyas that the GST reduction doesn’t apply to the portable charger. Have to search for that post.