Ather Assure - New Subscription plans - 2023

So Ather has Sliently released/renamed the old plans with new terms and conditions.

The Service Lite is now LITE (irony) The Service Pro is now Pro and now a Basic plan which covers Just roadside assistance.

The Terms now have changed

They Now Cover unlimited Brake pad replacement during the plan period in Pro and Lite. The Range for Picking up the scooter from the dealer location has changed from a 25km to a 15km radius. Now Motor Pulley, Wheel Pulley and intermediate pulley are also covered in the plans.


(copied from their website )

What if I stay more than 15 km away from an Ather Service Centre?

As part of the Ather Assure Pro plan, doorstep pickup and drop within a 15 km radius of the nearest service centre is covered for free. If your pickup or drop location is more than 15 km away, you will be charged an additional fee per km (subject to the availability of our riders).

Can I drop off my scooter within the 15 km radius and have an Ather rider pick it up from there?

Yes, you can pick a convenient location within 15 km of an Ather Service Centre and schedule vehicle handovers with our team. Also, please leave a little buffer in terms of timing. A home or office address is the smoothest experience, so it’s highly recommended.

After a year, will the discounted price be applicable when it’s time to renew?

Yes, you’ll get the discount if you renew within 15 days of your plan’s expiration

Is accessory fitting charges free under Ather Assure?

No, Ather Assure plans only cover expenses towards maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle. They do not cover installation or upkeep of accessories.

How many times a year can brake pads be replaced for free under the subscription plan?

There is no upper limit on the number of replacements. While the plan is active, wear and tear of parts (like brake pads and belts) will be inspected and they will be replaced if needed.

How many times can I get my Ather serviced under the subscription plan?

The plan expires in 12 months or 15000 km (whichever comes first). While the plan is active, you can bring your Ather in as many times as needed. Periodic maintenance will be performed as per your ODO schedule.

The pickup and drop service used to have a 25 km radius from Ather Service Centres initially. Why is it 15 km now?

We have a lot more service centers across most cities now. All to make sure that we can continue delivering on our promise of high quality service no matter where you are. Please note that free pickup and drop is an Ather Assure Pro perk.

What all is covered under zero-cost service?

All Athers must be serviced once every 5000 km or as per the schedule mentioned in the vehicle manual. There are different parts that need to be inspected, tuned and/or replaced at different intervals. The parts and labour covered under the Ather Assure plan are

  1. Brake pads (front and rear)
  2. Drive belts (primary belt and secondary)
  3. Bearings (wheel and steering)
  4. Front fork seal
  5. Swingarm bushes
  6. Pulleys (wheel, motor and intermediate)
  7. Fluid top-ups, cleaning and inspection of above parts (covered under labour)

Why is there a different price for retail purchases?

If you subscribe to the plan within 60 days of purchasing your Ather, you get the benefit of the reduced retail purchase price.

How will the 15000 km mark be calculated for the owners purchasing the plan?

Your ODO reading will be automatically captured to keep track of the 15000 km mark.

Can I purchase the subscription plan offline from the experience center?

Yes, Ather Assure subscriptions can be purchased at experience centres. Although, the simplest way is to login to your customer portal and subscribe there.

Can I purchase the subscription just before giving my Ather for service? How long does it take for the plan to kick in after the payment is done?

Susbcriptions get activated within 24 hours of purchase. If a job card has already been initiated, a new plan will not be applicable. Subscriptions must be active before the job card is initiated.

Can the subscription plan be purchased using Ather credit?

Yes, you can subscribe to Ather Assure using your Ather credit.

Can I upgrade my plan in the middle of my term?

Yes, upgrades are allowed but downgrades and cancellations are not. Also, upgrading resets your term and a new 12 month plan starts. The remainder amount of your old plan is adjusted against the new upgraded plan’s cost.

Is there a buffer after 15000 km for the validity of the plan?

No, the plan will automatically expire as soon as you cross the 15000 km mark.

What happens to my current service subscription?

Your current subscription remains active till it expires. Please note that the newly introduced ODO limits don’t apply to your existing plan. For instance, if you subscribe to Ather Assure now, your benefits for 12 months or 15000 km (whatever comes first) don’t kick in till your current plan expires. Ideally, you should level up to Ather Assure once your existing plan lapses.

Their Commitments

RSA now covers Accidental Pickup


@tarun You guys learnt a lot from People like Me :rofl:

Why do you say so


TFS This helps.


Great for me :sweat_smile: Already I am in 57k KMs ODO :hot_face:


You dont understand What I am saying here :point_up:


Per Year Aprx I have to Purchase Twice :cold_sweat:


Spending 5-6k for regular maintenance for 30k kms is actually pretty reasonable. Also, how is your battery holding up after riding it for 57k?


Terms and conditions not updated? Doesn’t match FAQ


I didn’t understand that’s why requested you to help me understand. :grin:


Somebody at legal in Ather is getting fired :rofl:


What are pulleys :sweat_smile:, what is Intermediate pulley really didn’t understand

Also are the belts have limit for changing through service plan?


Also it says labor charge free for all non insurance claims, so does it mean that no labor charge if we replace any parts from our side


Does the Lite plan benefit someone like me who only drives an average of 500 - 600 KMs a month (6000 - 7000 KMs/year)? Which means technically I’ll be only doing one periodic maintenance service a year, excluding any other services which might be needed because of an issue.


No. At max 1 service will cost ₹1200 - ₹1300. Only if significant things like belt is replaced it will cost more. Also having RSA is good.

[quote=“chethanchandrashekar, post:12, topic:125327”] What are pulleys

the 3 pulleys would be

Don’t really think so, since belts are the least wear item. But if in 15000km belt goes out more than once, it should be covered in the plan.

Labour has been free for non-insurance claim as long as I know, in plans

Maybe, But having a plan is peace of mind. If a breakdown occurs, it will be covered with an RSA and 60mins emergency repair should do the trick.


Any change in the RSA limit? I think earlier it is 100 kms radius.


Now its 50 Km

Then motor pulley and wheel pulley are also known as primary belt and secondary belt right?

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Unable to subscribe to new Ather assure lite in discounted prices, when I am already having an active old service lite valid till june.

I am getting an option to upgrade to new assure pro by getting discounted price and value of existing plan deducted in proration but unable to switch from lite to lite.

So once my plan expires in June if I want to renew i will have to pay full amount and not get discount of 500 forever as FAQ mentioned that 500 discount will be given for further renewals also if it was renewed immediately.

This is punishing owners who already has an active plan.

Ideally we should be able to queue the new plan with discounted price or should be able to convert to new lite and get existing plan value deducted