ATHER 450x failed it's promised mileage

Don’t use Eco, and if you are using keep the speed 35 max. If you use sports or Warp that will give you far more range. Me and other people from this community are easily reaching 100.

I tested it myself with pillion rider and warp mode, the range was 122Km and this is with 45 as avg speed. It’s just the style you are riding with, EV are supposed to be used differently.


I agree. :+1:

The BMS is in-house developed. This kills the variation of voltage drop which after market boards faces. to put it in simple terms more the voltage drop=range drop.

You got 122kms in WRAP mode for that :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: {clapping} congratulations :tada: you have unlocked a fake-phase to appraise the brand coz I hv done a miracle what company could do you did it u could even become the ARAI certification in-charge India.

Then you will also know that when WRAP mode is switched to ECO mode automatically in between a unstopped long ride, can you tell at what point the WRAP —> ECO mode comes down to ???

Answer this now before you goto check in ur next ride…

All mode are same if you drive it below 30km/hr and increasing your speed to 70 for 1sec is gonna make little to no difference.

I don’t think you read Ride stories posted here by other people. Here is an example.

And there is complete topic thread dedicated to achieving good range.

I don’t know what you are saying here, are you referring the performance drop if you use WARP continuously ? If so, I have not experienced something like that, maybe because I didn’t use the WARP to constant acceleration all the way in that trip, Otherwise, I wouldn’t have that “122” number to brag about. There is something called as Hypermiling, it gives you max efficiency. This ride was my attempt to learn this technique. You can check out this video for this.

And I couldn’t understand what you meant here.

P.S. Now that I’m writing this, I realized I should have taken the screenshot of my ride log :frowning: , I have it roughly written in my notes app. Ather app doesn’t show more that 20 recent logs.

Bro, first of all it’s WARP (pronounced as Wo-au-p) Secondly, any range number can be achieved on any mode. It’s just a matter of much throttle input you give :smiley:


Why people confuse between these 2 (WARP & WRAP), even Ather people are convincing that it’s WARP as in Star Trek’s Warp mode :joy:.

Ola has hyper mode (similar to Star Wars) Ather has Warp mode (similar to Star Trek)

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Bro got enough salt in him to give Rann of Kutch run for its money :joy::joy::joy:. /s

If you have driven Ather in Warp mode you should know that unlike Ola’s Hyper mode, Warp mode doesn’t shut off in between rides. It only shifts to eco when battery goes below 5% soc.


I covered 110km in sports mode with Still 11% charge left


Amazed to see that this post is still alive. Here you go again incase anyone still feels that Ather fails to deliver…2.5 years with my Series 1 Gen 2 and it still rocks and delivers the same performance


Hey do you use regen or brakes to slow down your vehicle?

Majority of the times throttle. I personally feel brakes regen is slower. Also if you see the regen meter in the new Ather stack, while braking the regen white streak moves slowly vs opposite throttle. That kinda confirmed my doubt.


It’s 100%right sir, the company cheating with me. The same problem with me.

That true range is also incorrect with pivilon rider we get around 80-90km range in eco mode.

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With Pillon I get 80 in Sports mode and we are almost 165Kg


Hi I’m vignesh sivakasi ( delivery date 13 Oct 2023 ) Recently I purchased Ather 450X HR model in Vela Ather Guindy chennai. Sales person Hari Shankar told me about Ather bike range in Eco mode 105 km in 100% charge but I’m getting only 100 km in 100% charge . What is the issue going on my bike ? I need know many thing about Ather 450X HR model because your sales person and service person didn’t know anything about that model . I went to service centre Guindy they told me like if you on smart Eco mode and costing regen on to get 110 km is it proper answer for your customer because is it features of gen 4 did not I expect ? Smart Eco mode is option is it right ? Because previous model is far better than this model it means giving 105 range in normal Eco mode .I sent attechment copy of your brochure and details. There are so many time I inform issue with your service persons but still now I didn’t get any solution :pensive: also complain in Ather app on 20th October 2023 till now I didn’t get any reply from Ather side (ticket number: 100524514) you guys are welcoming new owners in worst way :pray: If you give like 100 km range 100% charge in normal eco mode in gen 4 features I didn’t want your Ather 450X HR model bike. I’ll surrender bike in Vela Ather Guindy refund my amount .

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