Ather 450 Ownership Reviews


This thread contains all the ownership reviews shared by owners during the course of their vehicle’s ownership.


I received my ride today and I already rode for 40km on the first 5 hours!
I had the eco-mode on and I guess around the end of the 30km I had only 30-40% battery!
The thing like @Shreyas mentioned I drove aggressively on eco-mode and the scooter did keep on pushing…
Handling is damn good nearly perfect!
About the noise… I heard a lot of noise actually… there was a like fan sound (from a GPU card) and another sound which I guess was the motor and half the people noticed the scooter due to the sound and aesthetic.
This is just my first day opinion will keep updating!
Oh yeah, the rear brakes lock so easily for me…There was a moment where the wheel got locked and had a drag …this is because i was pretty aggressive with it!
yet the braking it so smooth and good


There is lots of chat going on regarding the range of the Ather 450 after full charge.
I got the delivery of my scooter yesterday and it seems that it really changes the range of the battery as per our ride habits & ride conditions because it was 58 km range for 100% charge yesterday whereas after today’s usage range is coming up to 75 km at 100% charge.! Sharing screenshot from my app for today’s range.


Hello Ather future owners

I would request you to hang on with your order please.
(You will definitely not disappointed with the scooter)

Coming to the open house - summary.

We have been presented with a overal data (not specific customer data) and their observations.

The panic was actually not about the range but it is about the range prediction on the dashboard which was fairly inconsistent from rider to rider because the path (algorithm) chosen to determine this will work accurately only with tons of riding pattern data… Meaning this will stabilize only after more deliveries and customers do more number of kms on road… Which will be the case in any smart scooter…

To make it simple scooter shows available range based on your past few days driving style… But this might change in any given day you choose to drive very differently for the system to predict what could be possible range…

What is the fix…Ather team is thinking of possible temporary fix and have plans for permanent solution in near future… As it keeps on improving with the time… They have got many ideas in the forum from owners

Why should you hold on with your order?
For a fact that you will still be getting the same scooter promised to you and most likely much better one as most of the deliveries are farther… Same hardware with good performance…
They are still learning… and is not very long when it stabilizes

What went wrong?
The communication or the definition off the true range was not communicated properly…
Honestly am in the same boat… Thinking even if I ride at 75 - 80 constantly i would still get a range of 60km which obviously not the case from the experience of exciting owners…

What to expect…
If you are driving like a normal rider (as you would do with any other ice scooter on daily basis you should end up getting around 70km) with power mode on this might be around 55 - 60 again there are many factors which might impact… But please donot panic… There is always a way we will figure out with our ICE (Indian Consumer Engineering) knowledge… Also most popular as Jugad
Disclaimer-this is not a degree but works every where… Gives solutions to most of the engineering hurdles…
I don’t think you should apply that skill with this scooter

All am trying to make a point here is you will figure out the range for yourself once you get used to it (if you are getting the vehicle before a major ota update) and should be more than adviced/ stated number and if you are a good rider and not like me… Honestly atleast in Bangalore you will not have any trouble with the range

Well you may not have to bother too much for now or future as you are with fantastic team who constantly working on solutions as and when hear feedbacks from customer… And importantly you have direct access to people in the organization itself.

What is the problem then…
Communication is the big problem… As an early adopter we would like to hear from the organization who created our loved idea ground up instead of just assembling chinese and korean scrap and distributing to customers…
Hope they communicate well in future and set expectation upfront with the words like TRUE RANGE.

Overall it was a good session… You would be surprised to hear exciting owners in the discussion have very limited questions regarding the range… This was only perception issue which was a result of poor communication in setting expectation…
Am sure they will send out a newsletter (some one must be drafting already) and will be much clear for people who are not impressed with my passage writing…

Got to meet and see all the wonderful like minded people…
I was surprised with the owner specially … They love the bike so much that they have a problem and possible solution already even before Tarun was trying to explain the solution on the presentation… Seems like they have got their phd in ICE already

I would request all the people to just give them time…

Waiting for my wonderful scooter…


Adding to Abhishek’s summary.

  • Only around 28 vehicles are commercially sold. That makes the available data from the users are very less.

  • Production output today is 9 vehicles per shift. Optimum is 16 vehicles and Ather plans to achieve this number in the coming days.

  • Today, Ather vehicle uses a different kind of SIM, hence it bars using commercially available SIM cards.


  • Today’s median range is 63km

  • Today’s least range is 40km, Max range is 80km.

  • Ather scooter has too much Power(Torque). If the vehicle is driven on upper power range, then definitely range will fall on the lower side of the scale (40km).

  • Detractors of the range are Sharp Acceleration, High Speed, Braking, too many stops etc…etc.

  • If the vehicle is driven in optimum power range, then Ather team thinks that true range (75km) or beyond true range will NEVER be an issue.

To achieve true range,

  1. Step 1: Ather plans to bring UI (user interface) update to show the power being used. Colour variations in the dashboard will indicate the power range being used.

  2. Step 2: Ather is also planning to bring another mode (Super Eco Mode?) where the vehicle will be tuned (power down) to achieve True Range. This mode is still in development and they may need to seek relevant authorities approval before deploying in the commercially sold vehicle.


I am getting a range of 72 to 75 with a highest range of 80… my riding style has been normal… I ride mostly in eco mode… and some burst riding in power mode with max revving…

I have realised if the throttle control is good and if unnecessary acceleration is avoided the range is good and as predicted by Ather.

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Today Charging pod got installed in my house…

Need to appreciate the installation guys who arrived on time and did their job neat and clean. Thank you guys for your efforts…



I noticed that wiring is done properly inside PVC electrical pipes and also neatly fixed to the walls using U clamps. Did the installation team carry these materials with them or did you provide this to them and asked them to fix it.



u don’t have to provide or even help

they are self suficient and trained properly

guys came to my place checked with me before they leave… just in case if have something else in my mind about how the pod is placed on the wall

they will come in this van with lot of tools



I have driven Ather for around 65 km in Eco Mode. Driving style was adjusted to minimize braking. Top speed of 55 kmph and average of 20 kmph (Marathahalli - Murgeshpalya during peak hours). Estimated range displayed with full charge is 86 km in Eco Mode. The vehicle is doing its job very well.

Public is always curious to know more about this vehicle when they see it zooming along with other ICE Vehicles.

Feedback to Team Ather
Without a side foot rest, it has become difficult for ladies( 5 feet tall) to sit with legs on one side in Ather 450 and also doesn’t make them feel safe as they are always used to having one.

Even Aprillia SR 150 had to include the side foot rest after feedback from potential customers, even though the initial release version didn’t have one.

Side foot rest has become an essential accessory to all scooters in India for the obvious reasons.

I request Ather Team to once again look into the possibility of providing (designing) side foot rest for pillion as an additional accessory.


I think I could be called an aggressive rider, and for me the daily commute is ~34 kms and I have seen more than 50% charge left at the end of the day consistently so far. This is in the normal(power) mode, fyi.


Got a puncture fixed on the rear tyre today. Service was smooth and the team showed up in about an hour after I called in. Was surprised to see the Ather person show up on a 450 and use the onboard battery of the 450 to run the air pressure pump :slight_smile: (it’s a hack and not something available on our 450s) cost to fix the puncture = 250 (to be paid online)

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Noticed a unusual brushing noise when my 450 would start off from a stop on Saturday. It would be quite noticeable until the scooter picks up some speed. Reported the same to the Ather support team. Turned out to be the rear brake pads rubbing against the disc brakes even when the brakes are not applied. They took the scooter away to their IBC park office after first trying to fix it in the garage itself, returned it about 3 hours later. Noise is pretty much gone now. And it was told to me that once I have logged in few hundred kms more, it should all go away. No charges for the service.



My Ather was delivered on 31 Jan. I have driven 182 km. Average speed is around 20kmph due to Traffic on old airport road. Top speed varies between 45 to 55 kmph.
I have adjusted my driving style to maximize regenerative breaking and avoided sudden accelerations. This has just added 2 to 3 minutes to my journey time to office(8.5 km).
I charge the vehicle every night without looking at the left over charge.
I check tyre pressure every fortnight without fail.
And thus resulted in the kind of numbers I see on dash board.

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