Ask an Ather Owner!

Do we need to pay additionally for road side assistance?

Yes, unless you have the Ather “service” pack.

RSA available in city limits, if ather service or ather one is there then free of cost but if no subscription Available then you can avail the service and pay for the same. (RSA will be a payable service in case of full battery drain due to your improper planning)

Also RSA is available in case of Tyre puncher and its free of cost (only cost of fixing puncher and labour charges are payable)

Better explained in FAQs section


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Should have. Checked your questions before uploading it. Real vague questions and just a badly framed survey. Sorry. Just being honest.

Hey…I am from Indore (M.P.) we don’t have ather here as of now. I am willing to but ather 450. I was wondering if could buy it from NCR and bring it to Indore. Is it feasible as I won’t be able to go for routine maintenance from a authorised service centre until ather comes to Indore.

Hey. I’m from Indore too. I have done a lot of discussion regarding this on the forum. You could check that out. It is under transporting The Ather thread, and the Hyderabad to Vijaywada thread.

How much does it cost for ather 450 plus on road price. i dont want to pay any subscription and all monthly

1.39 on road in BLR. It depends on City to city.

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Ya i also need in bangalore. but what about the subscription charges?

Battery subscription model is on hold. Only upfront,loan,lease. Connect and service plans details available on website.

Last question. If rider weight is around 90kg and pillion around 80kg. will it give same milage?

I saw some video on YouTube for 450X. Only little difference is there. Maybe not. Some difference may be there. I’m not sure about this.

Between with and without pillion rider the range differs but as per my experience the difference is not significant. But yes there is a difference it depends on overall weight on the vehicle as more power is required by the motor with increasing weight.

The only difference will be if the traffic is cramped. The initial energy spent will be significant in stop and go traffic conditions. Another condition is uphill roads or too many bridges.

It will perform pretty much like any other scooter. Am about 90kg and dad is about 80 and we went around the city just fine. And that’s the 450,450 Plus will perform just as well. 450 X will do even better.

Nope it won’t, just like any other 2 wheeler or any automobile. Any increase in load will increase power consumption. More so on the ather since it’s electric and the consumption is already so low. The thumb rule I follow when I have a pillion on my scooter witha. Total of 170-180Kg Load. Is the range you’ll get in a certain mode will be a tier under. If you ride in ride mode you’ll get sports mode range. And in eco mode you’ll get ride mode range. Effectively a drop of upto 10Km of total range of you ride the scooter the same way as you would have with just one rider.

Would recommend trying this out when you test ride at our experience center in Bangalore! You won’t notice a major difference in the performance for regular when there are two people, but more weight means more energy consumption.