Ask an Ather Owner!

A lot of you looking to purchase an Ather 450 would have questions on going electric. Whether that is about the range you’d actually get on road, charging habits, maintenance and service, choosing between subscription packs etc. Drop your questions here and our Ather Owners here will be able to tell their experience :smiley:


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I just purchased an Ather 450 a month back, just wanted to check if the battery has an auto cut-off option when it is fully charged or do we need to manually plug it off once the charging is complete to prevent the battery from overcharging.


It will auto cut off and no issues. The real smart vehicle which has many features :sunglasses:


How much does it cost if we have to buy a new Ather 450 battery after the warranty period (3 years) ? Is there a warranty for the new piece?


For now it costs around 40-50k

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Hey, Ather 450 Owners :blush:

Have you guys experience any colour degradation in your scooter?

Like any Yellowish layer or something? Or do you expect the colour to adapt a yellowish accent in near future?



Hi @cyberboysumanjay It might have been due to various factors such as,

  1. Excessive exposure to sunlight, especially UV rays.

  2. Use of any harsh cleaning agents, it will lead to discolouration.

  3. Use of any rubbing agent that scrapes the outer protective coating.

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@Yashas Currently, I don’t own an Ather :sweat_smile:

I was just curious to know about it in general as I’ll choose colour for Ather 450x which I’ve pre-ordered accordingly, in case I don’t like the Collector’s Edition.


To be specific. No color degradation noticed after 1.5yrs. Some of my panels have the 3M protection and those panels have yellowed - only the 3M layer and not the actual paint underneath the protective sheet.


Just adding to this, you won’t have to change the battery after 3 yrs. I think the range won’t trouble you until you reach close to 50,000 Km on the ODO


Is there any indication or early warning that comes when the ride mode changes due to low battery?

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If you mean when at 17-18% SOC and it automatically shifts to ECO mode. Then no, it does switch only when you’re riding under a certain speed. And I think it switches only when you have no throttle input( but I don’t think this is true since it switched from sports to ECO when I was using the throttle once.


So it’s like you rev down and then it will auto change to eco, right?


Not really. If you’re above a certain speed (I think 35kmph) then it won’t switch at all. But once you’re under it, it will


@Suraj_madhu @acorreya that is correct. When you are riding at 60 kmph (as an example i.e above 35kmph) constantly and when the battery drops below 17% the bike will continue to run at 60 kmph provided you never let the speed drop below 35kmph.

I had a similar experience where i was cruising at 60-70 kmph and i did not let go of my throttle even below 17%. I was expecting the bike to automatically switch to ECO mode at 17%, but to my surprise it did not and i was still cruising at 70 kmph even when my Battery was at 11%. Finally when my speed dropped below 35 kmph it switched to ECO mode. I wanted to test how long the bike can travel above 35 kmph even below 17%, but due to traffic i was not able to maintain the constant speed.


Ather once said that below 17% the battery just can’t perform the same and hence we can’t access the sport mode but if you’re able to reach 70+Kmph with good acceleration at 11%SOC. Then I guess Ather is electronically limiting the power that can be extracted from the battery under 17% SOC. It’s probbaly to preserve the health of the battery.

So I don’t think we should be doing this we want to help extend the life of out batter pack :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I don’t want any future updates after purchasing the vehicle. I just need the softwares features/OTA updates till the date of purchasing.

I dont want my scooter to be always connected with Ather servers.

Software features that wont work without Internet connectivity is fine for me. I just ride the vehicle and charge it and ride it again… thats all.

What are the options to buy Ather ? and how much cost is reduced?


You can get the Ather 450 for ₹1,13,715/- in Bengaluru and for ₹1,22,224/- in Chennai on upfront full payment. Don’t buy any subscription plans and just charge and ride as you wish. And if you ride with incognito switched on, it won’t be connected to the servers. And of course with this, navigation and synchronisation with phone app will not be available for you.