Ask an Ather Owner!

Which icon? You forgot or your photo did not get added

Does the tow alert system actually work? Do you get alerts on your phone? Is there an alert for when people try to remove a locked charger?

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It does work. I’ve received notifications earlier and luckily not recently.

No there is no alert.

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Yes the two alert works well. It helped me couple of times to figure out there is a vehicle movement.

Pls suggest how to protect colour. Whether Teflon or Ceramic coating is recommended?? Can normal shampoo or soap be used to wash vehicle.

Use pH Neutral car/bike shampoo, don’t just use any shampoo, normal shampoo will spoil the paint and cause other issues in the long run

Anyone from Indore know where to get Seat cover and floor mat for the bike. ?

I think there should be 2 screws type here also

Like in the first row there are 4 screw types (i don’t know what to call it) so in the middle row, 2 are missing right? I saw in the 450 every row has screw type but in 450x 2 are missing. I am not sure whether it was there or not in the X. Can anyone help me? I am getting worried.

Nothing to worry, those are AC lines for the inbuilt converter/charger which only 450 gen1 has, they removed it when they switched to dot charging from gen 1.5


I am facing less torque (acceleration and pickup) in sports mode as compared to ride mode.