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Can u please tell me where u got it done and how much it cost bro

The temperature will affect the battery degradation but there’s nothing that can be done about it. The issue I’ve faced is, parking under direct sunlight repeatedly, melts my hand grips and makes it unusable. Ive burnt through one grip and the other is also started to give way, even though I’m making a conscious effort to not park under direct sunlight.

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@Abhishek , has driven his 450 to Dharmasthala and Kukke Subramanya too. 8~12% gradient is nothing.

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Hi how do you upload the documents on to the dashboard through your Ather App? I don’t see an option anywhere in the App.

Is it necessary to have a connect Pro subscription for the above feature?

In the profile section (last icon to the right) of the app, just below ‘ride statistics’ menu, you’ll find the ‘documents’ menu and you can upload the documents there.

Is it necessary to have a connect Pro subscription for the above feature? Yes Connect pro is necessary for this.

Why is it neeeded? answered below

Are there any guidelines posted anywhere about how to ride efficiently? I am looking for them. I am not a technical guy, I don’t know what is this wh and all, is there a clear explanation posted anywhere to use and drive my 450x efficiently.

If your question is on better range, then here it is…


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What is meaning of model name 450 and 340?

340s and 450s was like 450+ and 450X when ather first launched.

I rem @swapniljain saying that the naming was related to the capabilities of their respective motors (something to do with it’s output I think?) . I guess they have just decided to continue with the 450 brand now that it has caught on.


If below 25KM then only will change to Eco mode

450 was named 450 because it had 4kw motor and 50A battery. Same for 340…the specsheet showed 3kw motor and 40A battery when it was launched


Can you please explain as to why the range in Kms per charge varies from ARAI vs Actual. 116 to 85 is approx 27% variance. which is way too much. Atleast, it should show 116 on 100% charge and then reduce the values based on range affecting factors. But do you show it as 116 Kms on full charge? Appreciate response.

The ARAI figures are based on the test tracks not based on actual road conditions and traffic conditions. They test the vehicle with standards like a fixed weight fixed speed and with that how much distance it travels until coming from 100 to 0% of charge. Which is realistic only in ideal conditions. And we all know there will not be ideal conditions in real world.

Many manufacturers give the same numbers as in ARAI reports that was the reason the actual range will be lesser than said range where in ATHER is reporting the range as per the actual on road conditions which they have tested and the figures are arrived based on lot of data collected from vehicle as it has IoT features.

That is the reason many of us get more range than what they claim. The EV range mainly depends in how we ride and other physical conditions hence every one will have different numbers.

I am sorry to say, but the answer is not satisfactory. why 27% of the range? how would you justify? Also if ARAI clearsn 116 Kms/charge, then why range is not shown on full charge as 116 Kms on dashboard?

Actually, I’m a bit confused with your recommendation. Would you rather your Ather show a false 116 km range at 100% SoC and then rapidly drop kms falsely relative to your actual travel kms?

Also, the 27% difference is a question for ARAI, and not Ather, right? Because it is ARAI that is promising false range and Ather is instead opting to show the actual range instead of inflating it like many other EVs do.


What I am saying is that if the ARAI clears 116 Kms/Charge, then it is based on the Ather 450X as a product. so if it gives 116Kms in a single charge then why is it not showing 116Kms on dashboard. The question of showing 116 Kms is very much for Ather only because that figure has come from the capability of the product only. so why not show 116 on dashboard?

27% difference is very much for Ather 450X. Normally, always there is a difference in ARAI and practical milege. But it is never 27% in any of the vehicle. why so much difference is something Ather should share so that who knows with their tips and tricks, people may be benefited and get better than 85.

Also one more thing is noticed that Ather’s max speed is locked at 85-88 but they claim that it can go upto 90-95 or little more. On what basis it is said. Someone from Ather should explain that.

I hope everyone remembers VW had done some sort of manipulation and eventually, it had end up paying heavy penallty. I am not sure if Ather is doing some kind of manipulation via app used in scooter.

Someone from Ather team should come forward and explain why is that so???

Are you sure about this? I have seen almost all reviews online crossing 88 km…

Interesting you should point this out. Apparently, the ideal versus real range conversation factor is 0.7, which means 27% is more or less in line with the ARAI ideal condition range, I guess?

On a related note, the range difference has been seen to vary up to almost 37% apparently, FWIW.

Of course, I’m no expert, so let me know if I am interpreting the stats wrongly…