Any update on Ather Buyback Program?

Hello @abhishek.balaji , What about Ather buy back program of Ather 1.0 & 1.5 Generation Vehicles which was announced in 2022 community meet by Mr. Tarun. It’s been almost 1 year. I wish to go for Apex by exchanging my current 1.5 Gen Vehicle. I had filled the forms during last year Jan itself. Kindly respond… Thanks in advance

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It’ll happen as well, will share an update shortly.


Abhishek, One Question

Why RPs denying it saying We donno about Buy Back But While Selling Scooter the Same Mouth Claimed it :thinking:


Thank you for your reply, Abhishek. But under which category we should write in? I have seen this form before but there is no option for Buy Back.


Hello Abhishek,

How should we fill up the forms as we are keen to get apex by exchanging our Series 1


Thanks for the prompt response, my 450X crossed the 30k limit and is not eligible for the buy back program. I first reached out to CS via phone and email, and also through forum when my 450X is nearing 3 years and odo is at 29k kms. But there is also no response all this time. I only got the response after my 450X crossed the 30k kms on odo and is no longer eligible for the buy back program. :pray:t2:

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You can use the Payments, Cancellation and Refunds option to write to us about the buy back program


Will do. Thank you so much.

Can u pls go through the msgs I have sent u long back when we meet at Ather weee camp dirt edition u told to msg yet no response plsss

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@abhishek.balaji the form sent by the CS team isn’t working. I selected purchase between the 2021 timeline and did one service of 5k kms and no accident issues. Still it says not eligible.

Can you check.


I am surprised to see if this is a thing.

What if the service was done at the SC and it works as it was bought?


I think We need to Face this in Our Usual Way Bro

Lets Discuss on Whatsapp :green_heart:

Abhishek, When ks buy back going to be operational? I am eligible and filled up the form.

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From end of February

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Check ur mail it has done

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The program is now in pilot stage in Bangalore. Mods, kindly close this thread.


Bro hold little enthusiasm for ACDC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: buyback is different from upgrade. @moderators need not close this thread and that link is not the solution for this issue.

Small refresher for new owners.

Ather gen 1/1.5 Ather given upgrade option in ACDC 2023 but now gave update on same. Like exchange option give old pay extra and get new scooter.

For Ather gen 2 450x when they unveiled in 2020 and when series 1 sold in 2021 they gave assured buyback scheme for every purchase after 3 years they will buy at ₹85000 maximum And till now no information on that i think that announcement might follow. Give old scooter get cash not other commitments to buy another scooter.


Thanks for the info :smile:, was not aware Gen 2 was also part of the buyback program.


Upgrade Program and Buy Back Program are Two Different Things Bro.

Upgrade Program was announced on ACDC '23 Where Buy Back Program was their Selling Point for Gen 2 Sales :zap:

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Finally I got a call from the “Buyback Team”. I shall list out the process.

First, they will share a questionnaire that should be filled and then wait for a call from them. This took about 15-25 days where I lost hope again that it would never happen. Got a call from Ather to visit Ather’s JP Nagar Experience Center for Vehicle’s Valuation. So the Max Buyback amount is 85k and based on the vehicle condition and regular service history should give around 80-85k.

Planning to go for Apex and the price quoted was 1,96,964/- on road. There are some freebies given where a Hand Painted helmet that matches Apex’s color, Balaclava, iron-on patch, Keychain, and a kit.

Note: This amount can only be used for a new vehicle purchase and that amount would be adjusted with the onroad price of the variant you choose.