Any update on Ather Buyback Program?

Hi any reply on the buyback from Ather team??

If they are not give money then upgrade the Ather with new range

@abhishek.balaji we are all waiting for your response, you ignore this topic abd respond to other topics in this forum. Does anybody from There here can give us some info about this “buy back”. At least tag someone here so that they could direct us to the right people.

I tried reaching out to CC, and the below is what I received.

Seems there isn’t a concrete solution, waiting for us to pass the 36 months so that they can officially deny the program!


Greetings from Ather Energy!

We regret learning about the inconvenience you had to go through.

Please be informed that as of now we do not have any update on the buyback program. We will keep you informed once we get any update accordingly.

We ensure to provide a seamless experience in future.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

In case you need further assistance, please call our helpline at 7676 600 900.

Best Regards, Syed Mehdi.

There is no news from them. The showrooms are outright denying buyback even though my Series 1 is eligible.

Update my Ather 450

Even If You are eligible, Using Buy Back is Loss for the Customers

Telling this after Discussing with a Series 1 User

Not sure as I’ve ridden 5k kms only on S1. Want to use buyback and get apex. But will it get more outside not sure because if it’s age which is 3Y nearly. People have that tendency to see age so.

You’ve done only 5k in 3 years?

Cool Bro, Call 7676600900 and Make the Arrangements to Swap from Series 1 to apeX

You really Deserve it :heart:

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If am right it’s 88k for the older gen ?? Either ways gotta pay 1.2L++

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You are Right

I suggest to Keep Old Gen and Buy Apex Separate

Congratulations on the launch of this new product. Looks kick@$$ …but what about our buy back for old customers @tarun ?? I would love to exchange my S1 for this…but that was a commitment made to us during our purchase that time and nobody is entertaining us. Why is the buy back stopped for those who are eligible?

Please provide some information so that one can decide whether to go ahead with the Apex or not. nobody is taking the initiative or responsibility to answer this question for many in the past few months.


Send an email to Ather energy support. You should get a response on this.

Already done. But scripted response no other way to get answers from them.

Also the form in the link has no provision for such queries

Did u try customer helpline??

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Yup. Complete useless. They dont have any answers

Hello Ather i need more information about buyback program #ather.

It’s around 85k ±

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Hey @prateeksuri,

Looks like you reached one of our older email IDs for customer support. The buyback program is active, and you can reach out using this link: to get in touch and start the process if you’re interested in the buyback program.

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