Any update on Ather Buyback Program?

My series 1 odo is at 29.8k kms and I know it won’t be eligible for Ather Buyback if it’s at 30k kms.


It is still below the 30k mark, So I guess you would be eligible. But you might have to tow the vehicle and take it to the EC after shutting it down.

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Is Buyback applicable for Ather 450X Gen 3 model ?

No. It isn’t.

I have enquired about this buy back at Indiranagar experience center, none of them gave a clear response. All they said was that we would get an email enquiry it some form that we should respond. This was the same template response from the customer service executive. I guess Ather after incurred heavy loss, they have cancelled the Service Pro Subscription and also the buyback scheme that they publicly Advertised…

As per the Lajpat Nagar Showroom in Delhi, it been put on hold. No information, no notice. This is nothing but cheating. Tarun and Abhishek are not responding to my query on the thread I created on this.


It’s not happening, its like a bad luck magnet for gen 1 and 1.5 owners, everytime an upgrade program is announced something happens and then its pushed out.


The company has cheated the buyers of the earlier models. The comapny knows that there are a lot of quality issues in the vehicle and it won’t be viable for them to buy back the old vehicle


This can be challenged in consumer forum. During our purchase, it was advertised and during this promotional period, any customer buying Ather stood a chance for a Buyback and this also influenced our purchase decision. I hope the official moderators could take this issue and thro some light to all the deprived customers.


Currently there is no way to go view or cancel the pre book that’s made before. Website says download app to view and the app does not have a section to vote pre orders. If anyone can shed some light on this? @abhishek.balaji


Probably will need to disagree here. The older models (Gen 1 and 1.5) were built much better than later models actually. I wouldn’t trade in my Gen 1 model for anything! Rock solid build without random parts break dancing, and a decent OS :sweat_smile:


Same here. Gen 2 has no/rare issues so not trading at all :joy:

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Very bad who drive 30k plus

@abhishek.balaji can you please throw some light on this matter. Coz there’s no one to guide from Ather. We would love to hear your thoughts on Buyback…