Anti theft detection

Hello all and Ather team

I live in a fifth floor apartment in delhi and I want to buy the 450x. I want to know about the feauture of theft/tow detection. Can you please explain how it works when we park in garage or outside in the night especially?

It’s an upcoming feature for the 450X, and coming to the 450 as well. If your vehicle is moved or shaken, you’ll get an alert on your app notifying you. The dashboard would be woken up from sleep and you’ll be able to see the live location immediately. If your vehicle gets towed (Lifted and placed into a truck etc) you’ll get the alert as well.


Does this feature hold good even when Ather is in shutdown mode?

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If vehicle is towed in the midnight which is lifted into truck . Will it be shown GPS live location through app on my phone ??? Can we track my vehicle immidiately wherever it is…???

Answer is Yes. More details are awaited when this feature is rolled out.


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@rajeshkav @tarun @abhishek.balaji As per the customer care team . They say that it is not possible for ather 450 . Just had a word with them few weeks ago . Ok let us assume that it happens . What if the ather 450 is in shutdown mode???

Please anyone reply Regards V AKHIL

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