Anti theft detection

Hello all and Ather team

I live in a fifth floor apartment in delhi and I want to buy the 450x. I want to know about the feauture of theft/tow detection. Can you please explain how it works when we park in garage or outside in the night especially?

It’s an upcoming feature for the 450X, and coming to the 450 as well. If your vehicle is moved or shaken, you’ll get an alert on your app notifying you. The dashboard would be woken up from sleep and you’ll be able to see the live location immediately. If your vehicle gets towed (Lifted and placed into a truck etc) you’ll get the alert as well.


Does this feature hold good even when Ather is in shutdown mode?


If vehicle is towed in the midnight which is lifted into truck . Will it be shown GPS live location through app on my phone ??? Can we track my vehicle immidiately wherever it is…???

Answer is Yes. More details are awaited when this feature is rolled out.


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@rajeshkav @tarun @abhishek.balaji As per the customer care team . They say that it is not possible for ather 450 . Just had a word with them few weeks ago . Ok let us assume that it happens . What if the ather 450 is in shutdown mode???

Please anyone reply Regards V AKHIL

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How to activate the anti theft detection mode ? I’ve subscribed to the quarterly plan and unable to identify how to activate it.


This is currently known to be available for the 450. The 450X is yet to receive an update, that would activate the feature.

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Apparently when I called them, according to the CS team, the 450X had already gotten the feature(hidden ofc) in the previous OTA update. I’ve tried testing out various environments, but didn’t get any notification from the app. @hemanth.anand seems to have talked about testing this feature in another thread. I’d be glad to share some feedback here as soon as I get positive results.

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Hardware is already there in the 450X, software to detect and notify would alone be an OTA. I guess CS would have meant this.



Any update on this ? The new update “Atom” doesn’t mention anything about this either.


When will we get the theft alert feature?


Will this feature work when 450x is shutdown…?

How unfair is this …We bought 450X to get all the features from day 1. Not in installment.


I don’t think it’s available in shutdown mode as power to all the components would be cut-off.

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I had parked my “White Lily” in front of a hardware shop to pick up some fasteners. As I got back to my scooter I retracted the stand and pushed the scooter just 3 meters on to the road and took off for home. I reached home after about 28 minutes and found a notification from Ather App to confirm the position of the scooter as motion was detected and this notification had come in exactly 28 mins before I saw on the screen. So “TOWING AWAY WITHOUT MOTOR ON” notification feature is working. WOW! THIS IS WORKING.

Thanks that at least this is working while auto-turn off indication is a hit and miss as with zero display on the dashboard and other niggles from time to time.


Is this feature active in 450X as on today ?


Yes it is active


Ohh, how do I activate on my dashboard or is it hidden by default ?