Anti theft detection

There’s nothing to activate. As long as you have an active connect pro plan (free till May 2022) and the scooter and phone is good with network, you should get a notification. There scooter has to be key off for at least 7 minutes.


7 minutes is a bit long don’t you think? Especially in Bangalore? I’ve seen people’s scooters towed within two minutes of them parking it in Bangalore main roads :joy:. Especially in places like Indiranagar and Jayanagar where the towing mafia is waiting and forever active.

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Maybe people shouldn’t park in No Parking zones. I have no sympathy for those who block roads, footpaths and entry gates with their selfish parking manners.

Also, Some traffic signals last longer than 2.5 mins!.


I completely agree with you. It leads to so much congestion that it’s frustrating. Unfortunately, people do park and Ather does have the feature, so…

I am new owner of Ather 450 X. 3 days ago i observe that anti-thefy detection (toe detection) was working that day but today there is no detection that day. I want to ask that feature is not working today but working 3 days ago. Can anyone clear that was it in testing or my ev have some problem. Thanks, SATYEN

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It depends on various situations like key off/on, distance, shut down or not etc etc. Can you please elaborate both the situations so it is easy for people to contribute to your issue?


How do i turn on tow alerts for my scooter

Anti theft detection feature works by default in case

  1. You are an active subscriber of connect pro plan
  2. Your scooter is parked at a location with good Jio network coverage

There is no any seperate settings for user to activate or deactivate it manually


It’s a useless feature. Don’t bother. It doesn’t works as expected. I got movement alerts when i was driving but not when it was actually being attempted to theft. But when I tried to shake the vehicle. Even moved it while locked, it never sent me alerts. I don’t think there are any sensors for this in the vehicle… They might just be using displacement detection via on-board Odo or something…only Ather knows. Not reliable at this point. Maybe Ather will tweak it in next updates.

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Ather uses the IMU sensor to track movement. It’s calibrated to trigger when there is movement of a few feet.

My 3yr old Gen 1 450 triggered a movement alert last week while it was parked in my office basement. When I went down to see, I saw it was moved by 4-5 feet by an Ola owner who wanted to use the charging socket !