The Funny Side

Yes, u r right. dogs chase like anything at lower speeds. funny thing is, at first they stare at the vehicle by looking at the motor area. once i cross them, they chase… initially i was scared, but now it was fun for me… i accelerate when they chase, i then slow down to make the dogs come close-by, again i accelerate… As navie told just just stop the vehicle and look at it, they will run away. few dogs run away just by hearing the motor whine noise.

Am I the only one or someone else finds @tarun looking very similar to Simon Sinek?



Well, you could say one became famous for “starting with the why” and another for “starting with the wheeee”… :stuck_out_tongue:


nice one:)

U wasted our time…:roll_eyes:

I am sorry to hear that I wasted your time :worried:

But this was really feedback to Ather to implement a feature., which will come true very soon.

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Oh ya. And I found someone too :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do non-Ather people love to imitate the Wheee sound of the 450? :joy:

It’s the sound of Nolan’s Batmobile! I wish I had Hans Zimmer as the pillion rider on my 450.

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(Large orchestra bgm) Whee…!

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Ladies footrest made it to the datasheet


So there comes competition!

I’ve been staring at the calendar lately (you know why)… my wife got worried if I got the salary


My wife, meanwhile, has banned speaking of a specific number between 400 and 500. :sweat_smile:


Wheeeeeee or Wheelieeee… :heart_eyes:

I was doing wheeling in my 450X :joy:

Thinking to insert my ather referral code in my visiting card considering the number of enquiries I might’ve to answer and test rides I might’ve to offer once I get 450X


received so many notifications along with this

am sure u all have it but for some reason got excited looking at this


today after a while my brother took his bike out (may be after 5 months), it refuse to start with ignition auto start (obviously) Choke + auto-start = no success kick-start now = no success (time is ticking for his team meeting - started receiving calls) after a while he is tired of trying and left the bike outside and asked my dad to take the keys…

at this moment i was assuming he is taking my Flight Ather450, but he was so tired that he lost interest to ride and booked a cab!!! :laughing: :laughing:


Dog Chase :joy:

If all of you think that Dogs chase only Ather bike??? then you are wrong :smiley:

Y’day the dog chased not me but the car in front for a long distance :joy:

The car was Mahindra eVertigo :smiley:

Its not the sound of the belt that irritates the dogs, but the resonant frequency of the motor which is audible only to dogs/animals :smiley:


but car is much safer than scooter so we are still at risk

couple of questions to @tarun and @ather_team

though i know the answers, as the topic says - nothing serious

  • @tarun did u order ‘X’ or will u just jump the Q as you did with 450 :upside_down_face:
  • thanks to @ather_team for changing CE to series1! - now 450 will be CE :stuck_out_tongue: - question is - was it planned by 450 owner(s) in ur team?
  • i saw that ‘+’ option, somehow pandemic didn’t erase my ‘340’ memory :mask:
  • are we (450’s) allowed for launches in upcoming cities (am not riding this time though) - we shall get X-MASK