Announcing the Ather 450X!

Guess the idea is to make one wait till the last minute and announce a slightly higher priced plan so that there will be takers for Finance options. That way finance corps won’t lose on their share of loans and ather delivers the initially launched subscription plan. A win win.

Now I have made my mind to go with full purchase as I have lost patience. Waiting seems futile and causes anxiety. Already “anxiety tank” is empty waiting for the S1 launch.

Now I am like, open the payment window and take my money!!!


Looks like you’re being too optimistic and losing your patience. Please control your excitement and don’t let Ather Team know anything about your plans otherwise they’ll throw another surprise at you face.

You never know what twist they can introduce. Nothing is fixed yet and not any thing is going to be fixed anytime soon


It won’t be fixed anytime soon. And I want the S1 ASAP. Window should likely open by end of Oct. Thinking of not checking the forum daily (that too on a browser cuz only owners get the ease of forum integrated in app) Will just wait for the email and then take it forward.

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You are not alone! Just hang tight. Also it will be a good idea to go though the posts on 450 and find the quirks you like and don’t, so that you’ll be equipped for test drive day and make a wise decision. I know we’ll be buying it anyways :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It is funny, that I post this and I get a regular badge!! Irony died on this post. Here I am back on the forum after logging out for “half a day”!!

You’ll get that only next may at the earliest.

I don’t understand how they can ask for confirmation of our S1 preorders without announcing the finance and trade-in deals, specially for those looking to upgrade from their 450s. @abhishek.balaji by when can we expect more clarity on this? I can’t confirm until details are out.

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I thought it is November. December I can understand. How did it become May all of a sudden?

You’ll be getting the 450X with black panels. The actual series 1 will be an upgrade to your panels in May of 2021 So technically you’ll get the series 1 as a whole only in may

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Hey @samitbanerji. The confirmation which Ather is asking, is for colour because Series 1 is exclusive and based on the preference given by eligible customers they produce that quantity.

However the confirmation of colour is not equivalant to that you are commiting to take the vehicle. If we as a customer doesnot want to take/purchase the vehicle even after colour confirmation we are certainly allowed to do so and we can get the refund. We are allowed to do so any time even if you confirm the color option for seties 1. This conformation is just to understand the quantum of vehicles which they have to produce as they are exclusive.

If after confirming you donot want you can cancle the order or can transfer the order to someone else if you wish to do so.

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I would most probably be swapping order with my standard 450X order to Series 1. I did attend the launch event but can anyone tell me this mail which everyone is receiving and replying to is regarding thr confirmation of Series 1 order right? And what is the last date for replying to that mail? Also when can we expect the monthly letter to come?

Tbh if you have an order for th series 1. Paid preorder. Even if you don’t reply to the mail, you should be entitled to a series 1 450X This mail for ather is to get a rough estimate of how many series 1 they’ll need to produce

Okay cool thank you. Any information on monthly update letter?

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