Announcing the Ather 450X!


It’s been a good year since the first set of owners got their hands on the Ather 450. Since then, we’ve been working hard to incorporate feedback from our enthusiastic customers. We’re excited to share the Ather 450X - the next generation of the 450. It’s the scooter you’ve known all this while, only more intelligent, more powerful & more awe-inspiring.

Pre-orders open across India, in a few weeks. But, our early supporters like you get to pre-order before anyone else through an exclusive early access invite shared in your inbox. Pre-order early to get your hands on the 450X Collector’s Edition and a host of other privileges.

Existing owner? We will obviously support and improve your Ather 450s through OTAs and continues to deliver a great ownership experience through the subscription plans. We’ll communicate on an upgrade program from the Ather 450 soon. In case you are interested in an upgrade, pre-ordering now will make sure that you are ahead in the queue to own the Collector’s Edition.

More details about the Ather 450X will be shared during unveil in a few weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features, specifications & price of the Ather 450X?

We are excited to tell you all about the product, price and delivery timelines. Just bear with us until we launch it in a few weeks. At the moment, all we can reveal is that it’s an even better, souped-up version of Ather 450. Stay tuned!

What are the benefits of Pre-order using the invite?

Pre-order will get you some exclusive rewards:

  • 450X Collector’s Edition

  • Exclusive T-Shirt from our merchandise

  • Two additional invite codes to give out

What benefits will I be eligible for if others pre-order using my invite codes? How will I know whether I’m eligible?

If your invite codes get used to make 2 pre-orders (not counting your own), you will be eligible for the second exclusive t-shirt from our merchandise series. Don’t worry, we will get in touch with you via email when you’re eligible for this reward. You may be eligible for more benefits, which we will announce during the product launch. :slight_smile:

When will I get my rewards?

  • 450X Collector’s Edition: That’s the scooter you will get during the completion of your purchase.

  • Two additional invite codes: Will be sent over email in about 24 hours of pre-ordering.

  • T-shirt from our merchandise: We’ll

start shipping these starting 1st Feb 2020. Reach out to our customer support if you haven’t received it by the end of February.

I have already pre-ordered Ather 450 with ₹5000. Can you upgrade my order to Ather 450X?

That’s easy. Just pre-order the Ather 450X with ₹2500 to reserve it while you have the privilege of early access. We will communicate the product, price and delivery timelines later this month. You can then decide whether you want the Ather 450 or Ather 450X (or both :slight_smile: ). Thereafter, in case you want to cancel your 450 order, drop us an email or call us.

I have already completed the full payment formalities for my Ather 450, the vehicle has been registered and I was going to take its delivery. Now, I would like to wait for the 450X instead and take delivery of that. Is that possible?

If your Ather 450 has been registered at an RTO already, this won’t be possible. One option that you could consider at a later point is to upgrade to an Ather 450X. There will be an upgrade program with our external partner(s). We will communicate it to you in due course. In order to be eligible for this, however, you’ll need to pre-order the 450X with a refundable ₹2500.


Now this has me really excited :slight_smile:


looks like all my guess other than motorbike is turning true. So where are the codes?

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In some time. They’re on their way!


I’ve not forgotten these images…


This upgrade program raises so many questions. At least in my mind.
How much will it be ?
How would it work? Since we’re given the FAME2 SUBSIDY only once for one AADHAR and will we end up paying more than others.
These might be stupid questions.
Will have to wait and see I guess.


All will be revealed in a few weeks!


Hey @450X-Pre-Orders

Congratulations and thank you for pre-ordering the 450X! We’re overwhelmed by the response and support to the 450X Super Scooter. As a small perk, you now have a new flair and badge on the forum! We can’t wait to tell you more about the 450X in the coming weeks :wink:

If you haven’t already, join the city specific groups!

Here are the groups for the cities, where we’ve got great responses on the pre-orders for the 450X:

Show your support by joining if you’re from any of the above cities, and be the first to know! Your city missing? Let us know!


What about Trivandrum??

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Convince more people from Trivandrum to pre-order and join the forum! The more enthusiastic the city, the sooner we get there :slight_smile:



Interesting! Excited about this! :star_struck:

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I just hope/pray they are not small size bikes or cramped or another KTM inspired deisgn. Not so tall people anyway have 450 to fit into.


I have prebook 450x. I have 450 on lease plan. How will upgrade work?

We’ll announce more details when we unveil the 450X in a few weeks!


What does an upgrade to 450x cost for an existing owner of 450?

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I am very exciting 450x