Acrylic case for the Ather Dot

Finally guys, after breaking my promise to @diwakar24 of not overshooting my budget for making a case for the Ather dot, I went ahead, got it made and installed it last week by myself. Since I was caught up in work, didn’t have time to post daylight snaps! (Yea it hardly takes a few seconds …lol)

This is the End result -

So basically - there are two Acrylic boxes. The screw holes of the acrylic box are the same ones used for the Dot. The socket also shares the same screw holes as the electrical box. Basically I wanted a screwless look at the end. Along with that I have added a door for the dot, and a flap for the electrical socket.

And yes, as @raghav.srinivasan said , The hole above has been sealed so that water does not enter. I did think of taking the wire in U shape from bottom like @indianfarmer mentioned, but I wasn’t happy with the look. Regarding ventilation, I have left ample amount of space and the door helps too incase things get hot :wink:

But trust me, I did go slightly overboard even if the dot is mentioned as waterproof. :sweat_smile: Will post more daylight pictures soon !


Add a lock to the door and you’re complete. If you’re going overboard, go really over :slight_smile:


As @vivekomon keeps saying, no lights under the transparent panels?!

But, hats off to you for pulling this off, and documenting this for other owners :smiley:


:joy: Well that’s what my father said too. But need not, Nobody fiddles with it as its an independent house. P.S I did think of adding a lock as well. Guilty ! Haha!

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@abhishek.balaji I am few of those who are slightly disappointed cause I didn’t get the huge pod with the crazy blinking light. But haha overhead light does seem fine for now! :wink: The pod would have looked super cool blinking inside this “INSIDE-OUT” themed acrylic casing literally!


You can put a dark tinted sunfilm onto this and which will match it with the Series 1 Translucent panel Then put a red Dot on a corner…red to match with the series 1 colour and dot because, well, its a dot :slight_smile: You can also add an Ather logo.


Ideally I would’ve wanted Ather to make this Dot Panel also in translucent black. But they probably didn’t do it as there is nothing good looking (like the trellis frame) inside the dot. It’s just a boring rectangle brick :slight_smile:


Oooo that looks nice! Shall think about it. Thank you ! :smiley:

Posting a few daylight snaps here of the Acrylic case, I shared recently on this thread :


How much did it cost and where it was done?

I got this made at Chikpet, Bangalore. The shop’s name is - Devi Plates - Computerised Engraving. If you search the same on google maps, you would get it. His name is Mr. Prabu. A very patient man to make the case according to my needs and inputs. Lol !

Please note - Since I haven’t received my scooter yet, I had given him my Dot charger to build the acrylic case around it (Wire was passed above through a hole for permanent fixture)

Costing -

The acrylic case for Pod - 1100/- (3 mm imported arcylic sheet, which doesn’t become yellow due to natural elements)

The acrylic case for Switch - 200/- (3 mm imported arcylic sheet, which doesn’t become yellow due to natural elements)


Awesome… how much time does it take for him to make it? Does he have the measurement for your DOT?

I am in Tumkur and was thinking of calling him and place order then visit Bangalore and collect it from him when I will go to collect my HSRP!

Or I will go around and ask in Tumkur if someone makes it here and avoid traveling

I strongly suggest to search a shop who does similar work in tumkur. After reading your experience in Bangalore, I don’t want you to go through more trouble and frustration. It took about 2-3 days for mine to be made since this was first of its kind (I gave him his time to make) and I had to give my DOT to the shop.

For measurements -

length - 17"

breadth - 14.5"

depth - 5"

The holes of acrylic case are matched with the one, Ather DOT is installed on currently.

Note - Measurements according to my needs. Kindly use the measurements if you are comfortable with the same !

Another thing, if your DOT is in a covered, safe area, try to avoid the case. The reason I went ahead is since my DOT is completely exposed to elements all around the year ! It looks good, but my design was a pain to install (One-time) . @diwakar24 design was much simpler hehe.

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Disclaimer : Please measure first and confirm, if that would be appropriate for your wall and accessibility. These are my custom measurements which suit my need. :smile:


Thanks for the details! And also suggestions.

Regarding my bad experience is mostly with Ather and their partners and representatives. Still having many open issues pending with their customer care and patiently waiting without ranting about it here as it is of no use. Till date nobody from responsible team proactively called and updated me regarding the progress of those issues. Well that shows their professionalism!

Thanks for your effort to edit and put measurement. I will try to get it done locally!

No problem @ranganathsb , I hope all your issues get ironed out soon and you have a smooth ride. Waiting for my S1 yet, since I have opted for a fancy number from RTO.

Until then, just answering all the curious minds around my house, about this acrylic-Alien like contraption fitted on my wall, when there is no scooter yet LOL !

This should be on the “Funny side” thread !


And the Israelis recently confirmed about Aliens!!! :grinning:


Quick Update - Got my socket cover changed today since the previous one didn’t accommodate the Wipro smart plug (16A) for monitoring consumption and controlling the plug.

Old -

New -

Will use the old Acrylic case for another socket !


Can you please help me in getting one for me as well ?

Hey, you can get in touch with the person I got it made from. Unfortunately , I’m more or less always stuck in some work and don’t want to commit something which isn’t possible. :pleading_face:

My sincere apologies ! Though you can DM me for any inputs, and I’ll surely respond soon.

Place : Devi Plates - Computerized Engraving
Location : 50, AM Ln, Behind-B B Bakery, Basettypet, Huriopet, Chickpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560053 Person to contact : Mr. Prabu


How much did they charge you for the number ??? Please advise .