450X Virtual Open House

All questions answered. Soon :slight_smile:

Okay. So I have been trying to get all the updates on financial products, Ather One, timelines - basically everything that you need to know before the payment window opens for your pre-order. The good news is that I have them. But rather than putting up one long post or sharing an FAQ link we thought it’s best shared through an Open House format. And this time, “soon” has a date.

We are hosting a virtual Open House this Saturday, 17th October for everyone who’s interested to know about the financial products, timelines etc. even before it goes live on the website - mostly by the last week of this month. And here’s some heads up on what you can expect.

We’re pulling the plug on battery subscription

A bunch of reasons. With the onslaught of COVID and the prevailing economic conditions, external partners don’t have the ability to support new business models. Further, with clarifications coming in from the government around the policy, this now requires fresh work with our partners. Continuing to make it work meant pushing delivery timelines and that’s something we decided to not mess with. It’s also true that the response to the product wasn’t overwhelming, and there’s resistance to perpetual payments and partial ownership. We’ll talk more about it in the Open House.

We have new loan partners, and updates on lease

The Ather One plans.We’ll share updates on this front

And exact timelines on full payment opening

RSVP above or in the email you’ll get, and you’ll get a link to join the call.


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When will all the details from the open house be put in the forum?


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Does anyone have a recording of the open house session? I missed attending it today.


Much appreciated if someone summarize today’s open house. Thanks



  • 450 plus price reduction update

  • Introduction of buy back assurance

  • New financing partners

  • New introductory lease plans

  • New subscription plans

  • Accessories will be made available by April 2021

  • 450 X payment window opens 31st oct

  • 450 X series 1 delivery starting Diwali

  • 450 X delivery timeline of all colours

  • Update on new ather grid locations

  • Update on test ride locations

  • Update on upgrade from 450 - 450X

  • Charging at ather grid is free till 31st March 2021