Introducing Series 1 - the Ather 450X Collector's edition

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@abhishek.balaji , You should come up with new subscription model based upon KMs used / going to use. Let’s say after 1000 KM used/ going to use. But yes the battery cost should be recovered with in time period let’s say with in 3 yrs. Hope it will help maximum people.

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Are we seeing the actual production model of 450x CE at the showroom, or will there anymore internally or external changes?

From the looks on dashboard, experts find it is 450 skinned as Series 1. We should know more goodies from tomorrow’s open house.

Finally the long awaited day of announcements came. Waiting fingers crossed for a good deal that works for most of us.:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


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It is appreciated that Ather came up with some clear roadmap and plans through this open house session and it is very nice to see that it heard to the costumer input.

However we have to say that it is pretty much disappointing that Ather still now did not give us any upgrade details for 450 users.

I am wondering that if buyback option can be worked out for 450X why this is not worked out for 450. You can always have conditions applied so I think Ather could have worked that out.

Ather 450 buyback program is running … Getting result may be this month 27th

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As per my understanding, they are working on a selling P2P platform not on buyback.

There is a big difference in this, because in buy back they take the vehicle based on health report and we need not worry about selling and all head aches. The amount will be directly deducted from the cost and remaining is what we pay.

Where as in P2P platform we have to post the vehicle and its health reports on the platform wait for that to be sold. It is not a direct exchange. Every one expected a exchange program because the same has been discussed extensively earlier in the forum too.


Which phone is that? :sunglasses:

Expected a exchange program, but I can understand Ather’s pov as well. The market is cautious and 2nd hand dealers will be very resistant to holding large inventories on the lot now.


That’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G with a dbrand teardown skin…sitting on an Ather 450x 4G (maybe it was still a 3G…Didn’t see the VIN :wink: )


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Of course I understood that point but the major disappointment from a user POV.

Also the major set back is that to get the benefits we have to make the payment in given payment window period. But we cannot be sure that we get a buyer within that time frame.

Therefore as a user we all expected buy back options like an exchange program in case of ICE. Because EV space is not as ICE finding buyers for used EV is a difficult task. IMO

Apart from that I really appreciate how Ather came up with all other announcements. Particularly on subscription plans. They heard the customer voice.


On road price 450x pro in chennai? @abhishek.balaji

Hey Team, I am eagerly excited for Ather Series 1 delivery, but don’t want to waste/Keep idle my existing treditional petrol vehicle as same can help me financially to buy my new Ather Collector’s Edition. Please let me know can we avail Exchange Offer with my treditional Petrol Bike (Suzuki Gixxer 2017) at the time of getting Ather Series 1 in Mumbai?

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As of now this exchange is available only in Bangalore through the CREDR app. If you plan to get your series 1 delivery ASAP, I suggest you sell on one of the many platforms like OLX and Quikr


Thank you for Prompt reply and suggestion.

Again- what’s the exchange plan for leased vehicles?