450X timelines for your city!

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Looks like media is getting updates earlier than forum. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :unamused:


TLDR of that article is basically “soon”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course we’ll share the exact dates here first over the next few dates. For Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad.


Hope to wait a little bit more for Kolkata location.

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Finally Series 1 for display at Pune


Are test rides starting in Pune from today? If yes could please share the maps location and the time when we can visit.

Not today, we’ll share the dates, location and timings here shortly.


Hi @abhishek.balaji, Test ride for 450X will be given in Mumbai before the payment window opens from 31st Oct??

And when we are going pay the full amount. The option of selecting Dot or Portable charger will be given later?


The ather homepage had been updated partially by removing the description of battery subscription from the website. They also added a link to show the new updates on the prices and everything else on the top of the website. This does give some relief that everything is getting updated regularly.

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Can we see any new cities being added for Q1 2021?

Ather should confirm dates for payment of 450X on the muhurat of Dushera!


They did announce some relatively precise details than “soon” in their recent email. You should keep the moolah ready if you are from any of the mentioned cities in #2.

All set and ready! Open the payment window! For some reason, waiting for payment window to open, feels like waiting at the gates of a music festival , can’t wait to rush inside and get as close to stage :joy::joy::joy:

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@abhishek.balaji will Ather take up dot installation for initial deliveries in new cities(ofcourse paid) or will it take some more time to set up teams in newly launched cities?

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As per my experience Ather will install the dot before the vehicle is delivered. That is their approach. So as delivery time lines are announced it means the teams are already established.



I thought today is 28th​:thinking::thinking:

More than 6 hours more to go :slight_smile:


:laughing::laughing::grinning::grinning: that is why I am just thinking about that bro. About what I am going to read in 6hrs.