450X: Product/Technical discussions

Yes in my scooter also yesterday the right indicator just beeped once and stopped, it happened repeatedly.

just by 5pm today i discussed with technical team may be one or two days OTA updation will be there so all those kind of issues will be fixed

These are just suggestions from my sise to Ather folks

It’s normal only bro. If u have left the vehicle under the sun for a long time or if u have been riding it for a long time with full brightness on the display, it runs the fan under the display to cool the device. Nothing to worry ur good to go.

Can anyone from company side reply that what Ather made arrangements to protect battery pack from excessive heat in North India like 40°+(temperature) since heat is biggest enemy of lithium ion battery. How heat could reduce charge holding capacity and life of battery pack.

Might be unhealthy for the motor. No?

ya its ok you have freedom to share the things