450X: Product/Technical discussions

If the VIN number is less than 2973 then what should I do? Can I shutdown at 100% or 60%

Ather recommends that if your 450 VIN is lesser than 2973, you should shut down below 60%. If you do shutdown above 60% and there is an issue with the battery, it will be covered under warranty.

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To add to what @thakur.ketan rightly pointed out, it is not like shutting down an Ather (with VIN < 2973) will INEVITABLY lead to issues. Mine is also less than 2973 and I have shutdown my 450 many, many times. It is just that there is a hardware issue in the old models which MIGHT lead to a component failure in some rare cases. And there are many first gen owners here who shut down often and have not faced concerns till date.

So if you are going to be away for long, please go ahead and shut down the scooter; the probability is in your favour :slight_smile: Nonetheless, if you are going to be away for just 2 weeks, why don’t you charge only until 60% and then shut it down? 60% charge will surely last for MUCH longer than 2 or 3 weeks if you are going to be shutting down your bike (i.e. putting it on vacation mode). Can vouch for it from personal experience.

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Was it a complete downhill? If regen was active, then this is possible. because your total trip itself was only 0.3 km.

Basically, the energy produced by regen was more than consumed by your 0.3 km drive. So, battery consumption shown in negative.

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The concept wat you means suits for wh/km. But how abt trip A… it shouldn’t be in negative right?

Ideally, trip should not be. But, from the regen examples I have seen in the forum, that is how Ather has implemented.

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Leave that trip A on the dashboard now tell me why trip A is negative in the app ride statistics

Yeah I too noticed it. At first I thought one led is dead

Again indicator is not getting off automatically even after turning.


I second that. @abhishek.balaji you might want to convey this to your software team.

In My 450x I notice that the fan get on when the speed crosses 43 kms and keeps running… and if I reduce the speed to 43 kms it stops. I don’t know it’s happening in my vehicle only… please do clarify. It sounds very loud for the 450X as if the ice scooter silencer gets damaged

Listen to fan sound when running in paddock from the video it happens to all Ather 450x.

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it is normal… the objective of the fan is to cool down Motor & Battery.

Its normal even in our Ather also that happens

No need to worry sir its normal