450X: Product/Technical discussions

Even I experienced unusual noise and vibration when using full throttle or using warp mode. I took the vehicle to experience center to get it checked. The staff there took my vehicle for test ride for some 100meters and said it was all good. I am wondering if there is any issue which is being ignored…


Haven’t been on rough roads, but no noise on broken roads

Rattle free… after a month of use I heard a rattle … it was the saree guard that had gotten loose … took it to proto lab and they tightened it ! .

This is the characteristic grunt I like to call it … apparently it is normal in sports and warp mode during heavy acceleration…

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Have not heard any rattling noise so far, even on bad roads … but running into different app and sync issues even after OTA update.

Very often I hear a grunting noise from the motor which I belive is common for all 450x users. I am told, this noise will eventually reduce.

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How to see Ather’s presentation @ CES? Can’t find anything on the schedule page.

Then something is definitely wrong with my 450x if it’s rattle free for many of you. Dashboard restart in middle of ride, sync issues , maps some times takes forever to load or doesn’t even load is normal routine now. Don’t know when we will get all these issues sorted.

There’s no rattle sound. But I have experienced dashboard restart in middle of a ride.

There’s no presentation this time, we’re running a virtual exhibit at CES where attendees can come and interact with us!

How can that be done? Any link or something?

If any one has got ather please let me know the performance

450 or 450x?

Better than any of the 125cc scooters currently available… lower than some performance motorbikes of 250 cc

Hey Guys,

For 450x, is it safe to get a full body wash done through washing centers? Just worried if it can cause any electronic/electrical issues?

I noticed that my 450x dashboard is always ON when bike is on charge … is anyone facing this issue?

Check this out

It should not be. Brightness of the display should go low in a while and if you touch it again, display turns on.


@tarun, @abhishek.balaji Do 450x after assembly go through any QC checks ? How come my 450x which was manufactured in Nov 2020 already has hardware component issue in dashboard display which has to be replaced now to solve dashboard restart which occurs middle of ride. Earlier I had handlebar Noise issue which used make creaking Noise when it was turned in any direction for which they told they re routed brake line to prevent Noise issue. Aren’t all these supposed to be identified after assembly before getting delivered to customer ?

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Definitely yes, there are stringent quality checks, seems like there was a miss in your case. Glad to know that they’ve resolved the issue. Internally, they’ll look at these cases where there was a miss and make improvements in the process and EC to ensure this doesn’t repeat in the future.