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My 10th is L so 2020 and my delivery is in 2 days, 11th is A so does that mean it was manufactured in January?

Month code generally changes every year. It’s not always A for January.

So how do we decode it?

It will effect your battery. But not as much as you’d expect it to.

Just for reference. And since our batteries have a slight buffer. 100% is not really 100% so it is better. But obviously in the long run 2 batteries when compared after years one charged to 84% everyday and the other to 100% everyday. There will porbbaly be a bit of a difference in battery health . But you need to decide if that difference is worth the hassle of unplugging at 85% I personally charge in the mornings now for a couple of hours. Here’s how my charge cycles are. I think only time will tell

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Is there an option to change the carrier? Airtel is better than JIO. Atleast I think so.

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No option from ATHER


Finally found out RPM of 450x PMS motor. It is 7400 rpm for 90kmph displayed in dashboard. But it’s capable of 10k rpm which may reach 100 - 120 kmph top speed without motor speed limitation.


If you share how exactly you found that out, it will be really helpful.

In developers mode by clicking vin number more times in general section in dashboard.

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That’s disabled for most of us now. No option to go into Developers mode now!

@kotteeswar25 Looks like yours gonna get disabled soon!

Tarun just posted a disappearing message about your finding! :laughing:


I got rev limited at 90kmph … it’s like the rev limiter on cars id u guys have ever experienced it … :smile:

Can we expect abs or cornering control on 450x collectors edition

I don’t think so, maybe in a distance future, currently the frame design does not allow for ABS, Never heard of Cornering control on Scooters

How do I estimate the resale value of my Ather 450 say after 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and 8 years of use?

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Hi is your 450x rattle free ? My 450x makes rattle noise especially near dashboard i think it’s that black plastic panel which is not secured firmly. But it’s annoying as my old 450 was rattle where as 450x is rattle machine. Is there any way to fix this ? Or this is inherit design ?

No noise at all for me … may be you should just visit the service center

It’s a super smooth scooter, even if you accelerate in warp mode. You can get yours checked

@nayak.ganesh,@manishmgajjar even on bad roads filled with potholes, broken roads your 450x doesn’t make any noise/rattles ?

Because I had already sent it for service but service advisor said this is common in all 450x. So I am curious not as what to do ?