450 (Gen 1 & 1.5) - Smart Eco update

more like the perspective to save cost.

hardly I can agree. Ola uses an SOB which I think is a 730G, which was developed after Ather.



It’s safe to say this that ola had a good planning then Ather ? Let it be RTO or future updates…


Not really. It’s just that when they started 620 chips were cheap or widely available. Ather ofcourse might have done a 5 year or 200,0000 million unit contract to get the chip prices as cheap as they could. Very sure next gen Ather will have an updated SOC

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Well one thing is confirmed with apex it’s the end of 450 So next 620 or Ather (some number or name) will be OP improvement in battery moter and an future proof of features …:skull::pinched_fingers:


Picking an SOC for a scooter is a slightly more complicated process than picking one for a smartphone or consumer device or even a car. For automotive applications, there are much higher standards of reliability and durability that we look at. These boards and chipsets are after all constantly exposed to the outside elements including direct heat under sun light, vibrations and shocks from regular roads and a bunch of other things thrown at it, which your consumer devices don’t have to go through on a regular basis. And we couldn’t just take an existing automotive SOC because they were made for cars and didn’t make sense for scooters. So we had to pick one that fit in scooter cost structures, validate it and then write code around it.

Once all this is done there’s a lot of room to impove performance through optimising the code which is something we’ve done over the years. We also boosted performance through a RAM upgrade in Gen3.

Smartphone SoCs are usually the latest gen ones since they plan to sell millions of units in a year and given the milder use case, their validation cycles are shorter. When we started off with the first Ather 450 and then later models, we had to pick SOCs keeping in mind the volumes we anticipate. We’ve used software and RAM upgrades as a leverage to improve performance rather than just switching the chip.

That being said, the SOC is due for an upgrade and we’re on it :slight_smile:


Are you from Ather team ?

Yep :slight_smile: Worked more on the battery and powertrain side of things but chimed in here.


I hope new SOC makes it to the family scooter and not the current one. Since this will be a new line up. People don’t want to experience the old nightmare again. Thanks for the input @shrey13488


Yeah now there is Ather badge , so it clear. I thought someone is catfishing :stuck_out_tongue:

Also can you update us regarding service packs :see_no_evil:

All this yet no backwards features compatibility am sad :smiling_face_with_tear: now But on good side new family scooter hype++

He was in one of the advertisements of battery pack heat demonstration.



Oh yeah I remember this ad! Played a big part in my purchase decision, especially as the video came out during Ola’s fire crisis :fire::joy:


Shreyas’ Declassified was also a nice video piece if someone would be interested.


When I made the comment, his account didn’t had Ather badge.


Ather used to do all kinds of things like ‘Declassified’, product interviews, and BMS development reviews.

Nowadays, if anyone from their product team replies it’s like A MIRACLE.