Why ather over mark2,glyde+,ola

Hey blokes, why do you think we have to prefer the current ather 450x or + over the simple mark 2 , Ola app scooter, earth energy glyde+? (Considering the rumored specs and pricing and suppose the deliveries start) @abhishek.balaji, would love your and any ather team members reply too

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I’m sure folks will chime in on this soon, but before that, what are you looking for in an electric scooter?


Anything that replaces my petrol scooter ,can take me to places 50-100kms away from my place(mysore) (and comeback without searching for a charging point and wait for 5-6 hrs) cruising at good speeds to give the perfect weekend and give me that insane acceleration that EVs posses and solves my range anxiety issue I have with my ev ryt now and be pocket friendly too maybe at around 1.2-1.3 lac on road with semi smart features if not all smart features and don’t require any kind of subscriptions I will add some points when I remember

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Here are the reasons why I might switch over to the competition: (so if the competition is better than Ather in the following:) arranged in order of importance.

  • consistent software experience

  • better navigation experience

  • smart charging

  • predicts how much to charge to reach the destination (thus helping us avoid excessive fast charging)

  • better range-

  • better top speed (hate to see Ntorq beat 450X)

But am sure competition will find it difficult to achieve these points. I am optimistic about Ather achieving these & hence I won’t switch. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:


I prefer the most functional gadget (of course, if I use these functions) than buying something cheaper, where I will lack some information. Savings are inappropriate here.


The price, acceleration,top speed, range will be better ig, regarding software support ather with so much experience is struggling bso much,they will surely need more time so in that front ather is better

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  1. Ather as a vehicle is eveolved over years and expanding its network across India. So obviously better serviceability and charging infrastucture.

  2. Confidence on range even though if at all it is a little lesser than what others are claiming. I am pretty sure that the ranges what others are claiming are not possible. They might be slightly better than what ather offers but still not going to achieve what they claim in practical world. And with such range the vehicle is going to be heavy.

  3. Ola app scooter is more liely planned for mass market so I definitely think it will skip some features and also will have a stagnated or fixed software over aperiod of time. Definitely there will be a tradeoff.

  4. Simple energy still at a very begining stage cannot rely on the brand unless we observe over a period of time and also features wise they are not as evolved. Most importantly it takes time for simple energy to scaleup and by that time ather shall have more options (optimistically). Yes there are issues with Ather’s softwate but they are getting fixed gradually.

Last but very importantly tgese are my opinions but the final decision shall always redt on the individual user and any vehicle you buy you are contributing in your capacity to electric vehicles so that doesn’t matter. Your decision will be highly appreciated.

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I am eagerly waiting for opinion !! Do u see ather falling prey to them,any advantages of ather over these scooters?

More choices for an end consumer is always good, not just so you can pick the best product for you, but helps a lot on the manufacturing and product development side. Today getting reliable suppliers for EV parts is a challenge existing OEMs are facing. With more competitors at different price points, suppliers would be more eager to work with companies and would benefit the industry as a whole.

Frankly, the auto industry size is so huge, and EVs have tapped a tiny sliver of that today. No one’s eating another EV company’s pie yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Very smart answer😎. But why do you think ather is a better pick than the other scooters that are launching which seem to have better pricing and specs than the former

Right now, most of these new electric scooters aren’t actually available. Let them come in the market and then we can actually compare and see which one is good in real world conditions. I feel just assuming and comparing now wouldn’t be right.


Until each of these hit the road, the specs are worth as much as the paper that they are printed on.

The EV market today is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the ICE market. There are a lot of myths and factually incorrect statements floating about EVs and honestly, some of the incumbent EV OEMs have done very little to ally those myths. Some, I dare say, went to extent of putting crappy products and nearly proving those myths to be fact!. (Yes!. I am talking about the Indo-Japanese-Chinese one).

End of the day, these vehicles must offer more value than an ICE scooter while not being extremely expensive for mass market consumption.


The main Thing ather has is customer support. They always tried to handle evry problem of mine.

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That Makes you a very very very lucky person :slight_smile: Happy for you.