Where is the charger flap on the 450X?

I don’t know why Ather removed the flapper in the storage space, which is available in 450. It is so useful.

What made @Ather.team to take a decision to remove that.!!!?

The flappers will look ugly once transparent panel comes

What exactly do you mean by flappers?

Are you talking of this by any chance?

Yes about this. It used to be so useful to keep mobile phone as it provides additional safety and phone doesn’t jump here and there while riding.

Storage space is not visible in even after transparent panels got fixed, only the frame will be visible.

Even with translucent panels that rubber strap won’t br visible. As that’s inside the storage container. The storage container won’t be translucent

Are you sure about this? I haven’t collected my S1 yet, so I guess others might be able to confirm with surety, but from the images (shared above and available online), it looks like that is not the case…

I took delivery today so I am sure and that was the reason I am shocked to see the change. When I asked the Ather personal at the delivery location, he said it is available in 450 only it has been removed in 450X.

When I checked the production vehicle for test drive I did not open the boot space because I thought I know about that & I only checked the performance and dashboard changes.

Below is video posted by some one in another topic.

Interesting! I clearly missed this. Thanks for pointing it out. Looks like a conscious design decision, would love to hear about it more from someone from Ather.

I think you meant by the Charger holder, I think all three Holes are now not there? correct me if I’m wrong, I thought the side flappers, but since ather now comes with a bulky portable charger, the rubber holder makes no sense, is the side storage holes are still available ?

That’s right, it’s been removed in the 450X. That strap was originally designed to hold the older portable charger in place in the boot. The new grey portable charger is bigger and hence doesn’t fit the strap anymore, hence the removal on the 450X.

Hmm Wasn’t it meant to be a coffee cup holder too? :grimacing:

I’m wondering how that’d be possible :thinking:

Easy, Put the strap in between :grin:


I think Ather has to reconsider it. The side pocket space is not convenient to place the cell phones while riding in rough roads. The flapper or strap area is convenient and also safe for cellphones.

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Exactly what I’m wondering! The internet has a lot of pics of 450X showing the under-seat area and you can see the flap in many of them! :no_mouth:

#suspense music intensifies#

I meant those small size take away cups only :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve actually done it a few times already, stays tight and spill free! :grimacing:


Was useful to stowaway the raincoat pouch, GoPro case, small water bottle, umbrella and even chips packets (so the don’t jump around and get crumpled)!