What will happen to Ather 450?

My guess, major component of characteristic frequencies is the belt drive. So, the whineeee might remain generally same.

No reduction possible other than to clean the belt and cogs regularly. Since this is not a hub mounted unit, the motor & belt will be very audible.

I’ve riden the warp mode scooters which supposedly have a PMSM motor. Which I doubt since @tarun in the 450X launch said that with the improved battery they were able to get better results from the same motor. Meaning it’s like an overclocked motor or so. The spec sheets do say that it’s a diff motor. Anyway the PMSM motor set up makes an even louder whine than the 450, and this isn’t majorly due to the motor but because of the gearing and the belt.

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@abhishek.balaji, I currently own a 450, not yet finalized on whether I will upgrade to 450x or not. But a question about the 450 battery: If I need to get my 450 battery replaced (say 2-3 years in the future) will I get the same existing 18650 battery of the 450 or the 2170 450x battery? Will I be able to choose between them?


So I asked @tarun this in Jan in the open house at IBC and he said it’s highly unlikely that the 1865 cell battery will be available as an option. Will it be 2170? That … well, who knows what ather will be working with by the time we’ll need a battery change. Which is a good 3-4 years at the least from now. Maybe 4860?? ,:smiley: I just hope when we do change our battery we get a bit of a range upgrade. At the least the 2.9kWh pack that would make our scooter better than how it was when we bought it after 7-8 yrs of owning it too


But is it possible to adapt newer & improved cells in 450s? Wouldn’t it require software & BMS tweeks?

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The question of whether Ather would provide service for 450 in newly added cities where 450X has been launched should appear in FAQ list. Actually there is a similar question there but it seems outdated. @abhishek.balaji needs to update it with more relevant position of Ather as in today considering Ather is expanding pan India.

I am in the process of buying an Autovert pre-owned 450 from Chennai for use by my daughter in Ahmedabad in near future. So a clarification in this regard would help to make a decision whether to opt for a pre-owned Ather 450. Have already sent a message to @abhishek.balaji yesterday but have not got a response yet.


I have the same doubt, and not only about the service, but also regarding the registration of the 450 in newer cities where 450 isn’t present, most probably the RTO guys cannot find the difference between the 450x and the 450 , asking just in case


Hey, too many DMs with individual queries, can’t get through to all of them. I’ll get this checked internally and share a response.

If a 450 is moved out from Bangalore / Chennai to cities where our retail partner is present, the service support will be provided by the dealer.

However spare parts specific to 450 will be sourced by the dealer on a need basis, and this logistics could take a little longer. This would mean that in some cases, your 450 might be in service for a longer time than usual.

If you decide to take up one of the servicing packs (Lite/Pro) in these cities, service support expected under the subscription will also be provided in the new city, provided the location is within the Serviceable area of the retail partner.

If a vehicle (450 or 450X) is moved to a city where Ather or our Dealer Partner is not present, you’ll have to bring the vehicle to the nearest Ather / Dealer service centre for any service support.


“What will happen to Ather 450?”; The topic of the thread or a Question?

My view… it will continue to be the KING.

Thanks for the clarification @abhishek.balaji.

This information in the form of a internal guideline may please be passed on to the service providers i.e.the retail partners.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Mr.Jiitender, manager of Kamal Motors - your Mumbai retail partner saying that hardware related issues may be attended but service may be delayed as quoted by you now. But he reiterated the fact that when it comes to software issues of 450 they would not be in a position to help out as the platform for 450 and 450x differs and that their service centre would therefore be able to cater to 450X only. I specifically asked if upgradation from 3G sim to 4G would be possible or not for the 450 and he gave a negative response.

So I contemplated that the ownership experience would not be glitch free and instantly called off the deal with Autovert to buy their pre-owned 450 from Chennai.

Now after your clarification I repent canceling of the deal.

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Hi, I would appreciate if you bring Ather 450 again for below Rs.1Lakh in Coimbatore. Hope you can bring this model cheaper as you get Government subsidy too.


I think what would be amazing is a scooter on the same platform. No touch screen. Just a digital display. With a 2.3 to 2.5kWh battery pack and only Eco and ride mode. With Bluetooth. No OTA no internet. And some more cost cutting and at around 1Lakhs. This could be the 450 lite / 450r / 450e

So the line up would be perfect

450 Lite - Eco and ride mode

450 Plus Eco Ride and Sport

450X - All modes + Warp mode and 2.9kWh battery

Tarun did say we can expect another product on the same 450 platform in a year or so. Would make a lot of sense.

Update … A like from the CEO. I wonder if this means that we can be expecting a cheaper 450 product soon.


I hope they atleast solve the touch lagging in the 450s software in the upcoming software update

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@abhishek.balaji It would be good if 450 also recieves some update. It has been quite sometime 450 recieved its last update. Could you please update any updates which are on queue for 450?


Indeed @abhishek.balaji it’s been quite a while since 450 owners got any OTA Update. If you can please share the pipeline for the upcoming OTA’s for 450 please.