What will happen to Ather 450?

Since my last ride, this range drop was slightly bothering me. I had to return back home for a 46 km yesterday. Unlike the previous ride, I wanted to see the best range I can get with an efficient ride.

When I didn’t have portable charger, I used to do this super efficient ride during lock-down. But, once I got portable charger and place to charge, I didn’t bother about range.

This time, starting with 100% charge, I ended the 46 km ride with 52% (actually 51.5%) charge left. Pretty close to my best efficiency. (My personal best, I have ended the same ride with 55% charge left)

Change: My last ride was not efficient. There was literally no traffic and I and I stopped only for 1 minute at toll. So, fan kicked in soon & was ON for 1/4th of my ride.

This time, because I was going at 35-50 km speed with gradual acceleration, fan didn’t kick in for first 20+ kms. Even after that, I had to wait for 10 mins at toll which gave a break. And another 3-4 mins at silk-board. So, I didn’t notice fan kicking in for most part of the ride.

And, regardless of traffic, I tried to maintain the same riding style and acceleration.

But, my last ride of 46 km using 64% SoC was the worst ever (by > 10%). I don’t know the reason.

All this confusion can be put to rest of Ather can really show the battery health.

Btw, inspite of finishing 46 kms in 48% charge, efficiency improved by just 1 (30 Wh/km vs 29 Wh/km). Ride statistics looks to have its own calculation :smiley:


  • For my last ride, 46 km in 51% → 29 Wh/km looks correct.
  • For my previous ride, 46 km in 64% → 30 Wh/km looks incorrect. It should have been around 36 Wh/km.

If possible do more ride tests and let’s see how ur ride performs

I have started noticing vibration on a footrest. and noise from the motor. as if he its trying very hard. also on-screen the real-time efficiency indicators (Read things above and below range meter) are coming up even at a speed of 1-2kmph.

did you find any solution to this issue? I have also shown my G3 450x which is only 1 month old to the service center they said it’s normal. but I don’t feel the same thing.


Well i didn’t find yet. But the EC guy says that the noise may get reduced after thoroughly cleaning primary belt & bearings . And cleaning bearings manually may take a whole day. After that he may do ride tests to check. So in all i need to keep the vehicle for 2 days in workshop :smiling_face_with_tear:.

Which EC did you visit? And how many kms have you driven?


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I visited Mukund Nagar, Pune service centre. They did chain adjustment and noise is gone. Let see for how many kilometre it stays like this.

Odo : ~1000km

so far mine’s been consistent with the range (2.5 years 31K kms- out of warranty now)but I’m looking to upgrade to the gen 3 since I’m planning to move out of Bangalore I’m worried about service/parts outside Bangalore/chennai. Once i was told at SC mysore that they can’t bill for 450s.

I’m having second thoughts on Gen 3. The range and features are good and may be the battery degradation but I’ve used my friend’s Gen 3 for a month and the handling feels different (Gen 2 and Gen 1 were similar). It could be because of the better tyres. Also the charger lock disengage and switching to park assist takes more time than gen 1.

i know I’m nitpicking but the overall build quality and feel is better in 450s than in 450x

please let me know if anyone else also felt similar observations


Hey folks. Quick questions. My Ather is out of warranty and at 25kKm now. Brakes feel good. I’m wondering if I really need to get it serviced at the recommended 5k Km interval because it’s anyway out of warranty, so unless I have an issue can I just postpone changing the brake pads? What have the rest of you done ?

offtopic: wouldn’t it be cool if an ex-Ather technician starts a workshop!


Staying in out of the service centre is way better, EC is billing like crazy I saw many bills over 10k for 1 service replacing sprocket damperners. Unless you feel the scooter is problematic never visit the service centre


It might be a good idea for these technicians as well as out of warranty scooters. The regular brake pad changes can be done much cheaper and some regular maintenance at a reasonable cost. Relying completely on the manufacturer for servicing might not be a good idea in the long term for the owners. (Seen it with Apple) If anyone knows of any technicians who are willing to service 450s, do share. Because I don’t think it affects Ather in anyway since we’re anyway out of warranty. So it might be frowned upon but not prohibited by Ather. Will try to approach local mechanic about brake pads and minor maintenance.

If anyone from Ather is reading this and thinks that it’s a bad idea for any of us to get it serviced outside of the service station. Please do reply and tell us why we should not.


their reply will be like “WE BUILD THE SCOOTER SO WE KNOW WHAT’S BEST” and the usual BS, I have been long thinking of starting a topic of DIY where basics are covered like

  • changing the brake pads
  • Changing brake fluid
  • Changing bearings
  • Front suspension service
  • upgrading of rear suspension
  • Belt noise rectification
  • installing handle grips
  • and maintenance

Let’s see how long I would be able to make posts BTW first topic is almost ready (changing brake pads)


Would love to see this