What to expect from 450x Gen 3.1 with Ather Stack 5.6 purchased in 2023

Hi People,

I would like to share some of my observations after riding/owning 400km/10 days. I am writing this as many people have been facing & posting same questions in the forum.

  • Model: Ather 450X - Pro Pack
  • Charger opted for: Dot Charger
  • Atherstack version: 5.6
  • Color: Salt Green
  • Accessories installed: Side Step
  • Bought on: 22 June, 2023
  • Previously Owned: Yamaha FZs V2.0 for almost 10years.

Delivery Observations

  1. One day smooth delivery experience. Got 80% charged vehicle with no issues or defects.
  2. Pro Pack not synced and Dot Charger not mapped during the delivery day. It took around 3 days for completing these two things.

Initial week observations (All the not working issues):

My list goes on for what I like in an Ather so just skipping those and pointing out the things that deviated.

Here is the list:

  1. Noise & Vibrations from the scooter - which are quitened after some run in.
  2. Both sides of Front part of the foot mat are clickey. When you push the mats to the floor using toes they produce clicky sounds (Like they are moving down and up)
  3. The High beam angle is too much off. Its pointed very high.
  4. The auto hold works 9/10 times. Very little times it doesn’t auto hold when I think it will hold.
  5. The indicator auto turn off features worked 8/10 times.
  6. The dashboard went blank to Ather logo 2 times. First time while using maps. Second time was very random time. The Indicators arrows inside display were struck and randomly blinked before going blank. Turning off the key and on resolved both times.
  7. Bluetooth connects to my android phone only when I open my Ather App.
  8. Guide me home lights work only 50% of the time.
  9. Scooter moving detection notification appeared once when it’s not expected.

I will keep adding to this list whenever I notice something going forward.


Haven’t been effected by others much, but huge +1 to your first point. Usually when accelerating or moving on bit inclined road, have observed noise and vibrations. Once I get some speed, noise gets low and vibrations are gone. But really irritating sometimes.


Hi @FlapPy,

The noise and vibrations are almost died down. Currently I am enjoying the awesome wheee sound and the warp mode. Just love the way the scooter feels in city. No other best option other than the Ather.

BTW, welcome to the Ather Forum.

How does guide me home work only 50% of the time? hadn’t heard about this glitch yet.Tho I feel they should have connected it to time-of-the-day settings so you don’t need to toggle it each time or maybe it can be triggered with a widget on the phone. Secondly, the clickity-clackity sound on the foot rest is due the space underneath being totally hollow in the bottom front quarter they should have added some sort trusses to add support there.


Why not ola s1 Pro


Why did you not go for Ola?

Hi @satyendra23865,

Listed down my reasons here.


I have listed the reasons here.

For me I chose Ather because they were the least bad out of the lot of bang average EV scooters available.

Owning Ather this past month and half has been plugged with many issues. The Software experience is not ideal. The Maps are unusable.

Ultimately do I have buyers remorse? no. The space is still new, I kinda expected what I was getting into, but many of the issues I faced I did not expect atleast after buying a premium scooter priced at the higher end.


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