Why I chose Ather 450X over TVS Icube and OLA S1 pro

Listing down the reasons why I chose Ather 450X over Ola S1 and TVS iQube.

Reasons for not selecting OLA S1 Pro

  • I have seen and heard many negative reviews on Ola.
  1. The front uni suspension breaking.
  2. The news about explosions happening on Ola bikes.
  3. I have read about how the OLA founder is too ambitious and pushing for more sales in the coming future. Quantity over Quality is which I did not like.
  4. OLA has acquired a EV company Etergo and modified their vehicles for India. I felt that they are trying to fit something else into our market.
  5. The foot board is not flat, the foot pegs are very low quality.
  6. The overall build quality of OLA is of something which I personally didn’t like.
  7. No proper information on public charging network.

Impression: I cannot prefer Ola today, may be in future when they stabilise the product and gain more experience.

Reason for not selecting TVS iQube

  1. Very limited information of battery tech and life of battery. When I asked what is the future of battery health after 3 years warranty, the showroom guys are not able to explain. I couldn’t find it on the website too.
  2. Build quality seemed not too great.
  3. This is not their primary product.
  4. No proper information on public charging network.

Impression: May be if TVS could add more information about their scooter, more knowledge base I would have definitely considered.

Reasons for selecting Ather

  1. Good build quality
  2. The more in depth understanding of Batteries and Battery management systems. As they have dedicated engineering team who built the scooter from scratch I have more confidence on them.
  3. The features like Auto Hold, Park Assist, WARP mode
  4. Warranty for 5 years / 60k kms.
  5. A very good community and enthusiasts.
  6. Ather has a good positive vibe and brand value.
  7. There is only one product and entire company is built around that and they have done a great job.
  8. The Ather Grid
  9. The information and transparency of specs and details.
  10. The confidence when I look at the bare aluminum chassis and the quality of it.
  11. Availability of the scooter the same day.
  12. Showroom very near by my house which made it very accessible for test rides etc.
  13. The Showroom executives have answered most of my queries.

These are the reasons why I chose Ather over others. Let me know why you chose your Ather 450X over others.


This is spot on with my research and thinking process behind buying Ather over Ola or iCube. It just feel like better engineered product overall than the competitors.


Every Ather owner’s story who had ola and iqube in their list :grinning:


Glad that I found people who feel the same.

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Last year OLA was really bad and my mother didn’t like its design with the fact that it doesnt have physical key but recently my friend got S1 Pro and I have to say for being almost 22k cheaper than 450x it offers alot.Scooter is far smoother than Ather and keeps pulling even after 60kmph till 100 which makes it great highway machine with speakers being loud and fun too makes long distance travel a breeze.

also OLA is rapidly opening stores with service centers and even if SC isn’t near OLA service bus makes things easier.


I will suggest buy ola coz Ather scooter is great but servicing charges and spare parts charges are too costly. My friend have ola scooter we both have bought scooter on same day. I have serviced my scooter twice till now but he have no servicing till now coz no issues in his scooter till now. As peoples buying Ather now and they have lot of work load so they are not doing proper servicing of scooters and if you have urgent work in your Ather scooter they are saying come after 2 days coz they have work load.

Atleast ola delivered everything the promised.

Unlike Ather. Over promise, under deliver.


Bro you look seriously hurt :sob: It’s ok, I’m sure they’re working on it. Apna dhyaan rakho regen toh aata jaata rehta hai​:sob::sob:

Well I am just putting facts where it should.

Ola should be given credit where it deserves. And a spade should be called spade.


Well not really, Ola doesn’t have a good track record either

These features were promised to them 2 years ago.

About Ather, yeah the cruise control dream got botched, but Regen should be coming soon and might be in testing. I trust Ather in this!

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Actually in two years, the delivered most. Although some are buggy.

Hope Ather doesn’t break your trust.

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:crossed_fingers: @tarun I hope you hear us :crossed_fingers:

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False, it’s broken​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

He heard but not ours.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Delivered and Back to Service Center :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Who cares about Date, They wanna Hate Ather Blindly