Welcome to Ather community in Goa

Finally Ather arrived in Goa… Soon it will be one month since the Ather Showroom was inaugurated on 17th Sept. 2021.

Thank you Ather for the Series-1.

I have been riding on an average 66 kms to 70 kms daily and I am truely enjoying the ride not to mention the attention especially at the traffic signal.


It is a true pleasure riding in Goa. The suspensions with the rider +1 is so amazing that it feels like applying butter on bread.

I sometimes take the bike for a spin solely for please. Enjoying it so far and the ather customer service has been of great help to me.


Glad to see you guys enjoying your Ather scooters. I personally have always been excited about the idea of riding an Ather in Goa. Hopefully when i’m there, I can hitch a ride with one of you’ll :wink:


All Goan riders!

I am setting up this thread to have a common discussion on Ather rides, accessories, upgrades, sharing photos/videos, and for all related stuff.

Let’s start tagging all Goa Ather riders :grinning:


Here are some photos which I took yesterday :slight_smile:


Good morning kedar

Awesome nice to see Goa riders forum :smiley:

I also have some nice pics but I don’t know how to attach them in the threads, please let me know the details of attaching pics


You could do it via the upload( bar and arrow button) or simply the image gallery button on the website.



Its been quite a journey of a long waiting till the time arrived to take delivery of thr Ather 450x.

Thank you Ather Energy for the SERIES 1. Few mentions to make thank you @orvillecota for introducing me to Ather.

Mr. Uddesh, Eshan Bhamaikar for all the support at Ather Goa

@sanith.vernekar online assistance at Ather , to name a few.

Just thought of sharing a video i made on how to store a helmet and portable charger under seat storage in the Ather 450x

Thank you