Warp mode test ride

Excited to test ride the beta version. To my surprise performance was excellent compared to 450. Much lighter and sturdy. Not much difference in economy mode. Real thrill is in Ride and Earp mode. I rode at 60 kmph for a 10 km stretch. It was a nice experience. Seating is comfortable. Expectations :Ather should reward the veterans with exciting upgrade plans!


Is ride mode in 450x better than ride mode of 450?

Its Similar…

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I did try warp mode yesterday and did not find much to appreciate apart from more initial pick up compared to our 450. Need to wait for real 450X and then it might differ. Others opinion are welcome…

Caution: I tried green 450x and it stopped abruptly in middle of the road, then had to change with black one and it felt good. green ather 450x


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Definitely 450 warp mode is better than 450. Much lighter n control

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Yup. Same here. Tried the 450x yesterday. Loved the initial pickup. The handling is so much more easier and did notice the suspension to be much nicer too (noticed a big difference probably because I ride one of the preorder 450s).

But, probably this was just the green 450x: My experience was such a disappointment. The grey one was already out on a test ride so couldn’t check it out. The vehicle suddenly lost power in the middle of the road. At 80kmph! Twisting the throttle in fact, was even slowing down the vehicle as though I’d engaged regen braking. And this happened like 4 times! I had to switch off the vehicle and switch it back on to get it to work. None of the modes worked while it lost power. I’d even tried switching the mode from Warp to Ride once in the middle and it lost power. Again. In the middle of the road. Not the experience you want someone to have while test riding a vehicle.

Now, i get that the test ride vehicles are not production-ready vehicles and a lot of fine tuning has to be done. But, this is dangerous. I wasn’t even warned. :confused:

Also did anyone else notice a different high pitched whine from the 450x motor?


When I had gone for the test ride the ather people had told to not switch between the modes as these scooters were tweaked to ride only on warp mode and if you change the modes it will shut down maybe that is why you faced this problem. These vehicles are fine tuned for running on warp mode only :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it’s much louder than the 450 but also these vehicles are relatively new


Yes motor noise is more than 450