Warp mode test drive

450x Test drive…

  • Dash Board settings set only to test warp mode.
  • additional software Features are disabled.(Bluetooth, side stand sensor , etc)
  • scooter body colors are attractive.
  • WARP mode Drive in single word it’s WOW😳…
  • Compared to 450 , 450X motor Noise is too Noisy.(Here am feel very bad)
  • remains body structure are same as it’s 450.


I see most of the Test ride photos with green scooter

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I too experienced some noise.

These scooters do not yet have the 450x dashboard hardware. No question of disabling features that don’t exist .

Yes. Physically, it’s a 450 with the battery pack and motor of 450x. The dashboard is still not that of the real 450x. That’s why this topic and the invite you got over email says “Warp mode trials” and not “450x trials”

More than 2000Km??

There you go. The sound is from the belt and since there is more power through the belt now. The sound will be higher but just like our ather 450s I’m sure the sound would descrease with more usage.


Ather while test ride informed that its beta version and not ready for registration.

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