Vehicle Frame, Dynamics and Associated Sub-systems

All discussions around the vehicle’s dynamics and associated subsystems can be done here.

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Why a Common man have to discuss on vehicle’s dynamics ?!

I am a common man, just because you have no interest in them, doesn’t mean everyone is like you.

The frame used in Ather is unique compared to all other scooters in India.


Then don’t follow this thread bro. Simple!

Hello Ather gang

i wanted your attention, suggestion and advises on this

since our Ather 450 flight is not same as any other scooter in many ways but in particular about the build and structure i wanted to understand the possibility of modifying vehicle for differently abled person.
not sure of the after market have ever worked on aluminium body/chassis

so like to know if u have ever thought of it and have any suggestions / ideas



Considering that even a side step cannot be added in current design, adding couple of more wheels seems highly unlikely.

Another point being it’ll drastically bring down the range due to added mass and rolling resistance.

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Since the past few days I am noticing a glitch in the turn indicators. They do not cancel when I have finished a turn, even if it is a U turn. Once it had fixed itself after the vehicle did a complete boot on power up (with the Ather logo showing on the dashboard) but thereafter once again this issue showed up and is now consistent for two days. I had reported the same to the support team when my 450 was once taken for a recalibration of the brakes, but I was told to report the bug if it showed up again. I do not see any alerts on the Ather App about this too. It could be a software bug in which case @Ather.Team could run diagnostics on my vehicle for the IMU. Please suggest how to fix the issue.

is there with all scooter’s (checked with different vehicles at Ather hanger)

i have been advised - with the coming ota update this issue will be solved

temp fix is restart the system…

I have noticed this on test ride I took - 3/4 weeks back…
I forgot to inquire as to what degree they set the sensor to alert/activate. If strictly 90 deg as the minimum I find it not so right.

45 degrees could be good start point considering the situation of lane changes also.


What is the recommended load carrying capacity of Ather 450?

I think it is 150 kgs

I driven more than 100km from yesterday… I got one doubt, whatever flight sound it makes when we accelerate. Does it comes from any moving parts or creating that sound as a feedback to say how much you accelerated? @Shreyas @Ather.Team my question make any sense?

Combination of noise from the motor, belt and wheel assembly. The noise will increase as more dirt gets in between the belt and pulleys, but a good pressure wash is all that is needed to fix it.


There are some places in Coimbatore where they reverse engineer anything and can fabricate anything mechanical. Will let you know if I can find any leads.

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@Shreyas @tarun @swapniljain I don’t know about color temperature of the Ather 450 LED Headlight(s), but I have seen Company designed LED headlights of some vehicles like Honda Activa 5G which are artificial, VERY IRRITATING and BLINDING the oncoming traffic.

I think all the Irritating (artificially) Super White LEDs have 6000K temperature. I don’t know the Color temperature of the Headlight LED(s) on the Ather 450, but considering a Color Temperature of 5000K or 4500K will be Less Harsh on the Eyes

Hello everyone,

Just curious. The Delivery Update says “Your delivery has been pushed. To comply with FAME II, certain parts need to be produced locally, hence manufacturing will be paused for a bit.”.
Question around need to be produced locally.

  • Will this have an impact on price?
  • Will this have an impact on quality?
  • Which part are we talking about here?

Apologies if this is already answered. Would appreciate if someone can link the response there if this was answered.

Thank you!

  • Will this impact price? No.
  • Will this have an impact on quality? Nothing noticeable
  • Which part are we talking about here? Motor and a couple of parts which are currently imported.

The break is essentially to switch over production locally. To do this, they need to switch their production lines to use local parts with the same specifications. In some cases where the quality locally is not good, the manufacturer starts manufacture locally to comply.


I had these questions clarified at the Chennai event since I had concerns on what would happen to replacement parts for existing owners.


Thank you for clarification, Abhishek.