Upgrading your Ather 450 to 4G LTE

Yes, I received and I have confirmed that I will go for it.

Hmm I never received the upgrade link, strange

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I didn’t get any link for upgrade. Last month got a survey to check if I m interested in upgrade. I replied yes

@abhishek.balaji can u pls clarify ? which operator is gonna provide 4g service for ather??

I heard it’s Jio or a combination of 3 operators one Ather Hyderabad representative said it in a video.

Any update on the timeline? Supposed to have been rolled out from the second week of this month.

Hey @atherspace.bglr , I received this survey too and I had marked yes saying I’ll go with the 4g upgrade. Can you shed some light on the timelines and what is the estimated cost of this upgrade?

Cost was already announced as 2500+tax. Not sure if there was any delay in implementing the rollout.

Ather replied to me via Twitter that the process will begin to rollout after 2 or 3 weeks.

@abhishek.balaji is there any timelines on when the 4G module upgrade will be available? Vodafone 2g is literally dying there is a 2bar network to 0 bar network most of the time just an X on the network in Ather screen. I’m on Connect pro. I’m feeling like I’ve wasted my money on pro and should have gone for Non-connect for now and waited for upgrade and then should have bought the plan


True… Inspite of my temptation to go for connect plan with 50% discount, I left it just because of signal.

In my parking zero signal most of the time. Even occasionally when I drive, I m seeing either zero signal or one bar max.

I m more worried about jio as my building has zero signal for jio upto 2 floors. Ather should allow us to choose from 2-3 carriers instead of selecting one

I have the same issue and decided not to go with any subscription plan for connected features until and unless this upgraded to 4G LTE and i don’t mind to pay for the upgradation.

There is no word from CC even though I sent mail to them on the availability of the 4G module upgrade, looks like we are stuck with ultra-slow 2g vodafone. because of this I’m stuck at my app won’t sync with Ather and it’s been 7 days, and the maps won’t load at all

It’s Been 10 days since my app hasn’t synced to the 450s, it’s not that I know but there is no signal in the dashboard. Hence I’m Keep on requesting on when will the module will be available

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That’s the case for me too. Zero signal most of the time does not help… Vodafone 2G is decent in very very few places, most other places the struggle in maps are pretty visible…

I am yet to see the OTA since 5 days of activating subscription… Signal sucks.

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It’s happening


Today, the signal was so poor right from Marathahalli until Atibele that I could not use the navigation at all. I tried searching for location on multiple places, but was getting “No internet” all the time.

Only after reaching near Hosur, Vodafone signal became good and push location popped up on dashboard… So, this update on 4G LTE is a welcome news.

But, I have concern about the only carrier choice of Jio even after upgrading to LTE. In many areas like mine, Jio has literally zero signal. Before Vodafone 3G was shut-down, at least it had 1-2 bars, but Jio was zero all the time.

Why can’t Ather tie up with at least 2 carriers for the network instead of depending on only one, leaving no choice for the subscriber.