Upgrading your Ather 450 to 4G LTE

If they want to change Vodafone to Airtel then again 2500 rs, Customer have to pay to swapping the sim. ( Including service + GST)

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Since Ather has an e-Sim, how about going for our choice of carriers? Ather can work with Jio, Airtel, Vi or and can give options to switch. I think this has already been covered but no concrete response was given

True. This answer covers the background to a large extent. (While old, the answer still covers some points that are in discussion even to this day).

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I wanted to share the remaining part of experience, related to LTE upgrade.

Unfortunately, the display problem which occurred during upgrade came back to haunt after 2 days. I tried soft-reset, reboot, shutdown. Nothing worked. Display went blank.

Contacted CC. I was told it can be resolved, but I need to pay for vehicle pickup. I had argued that if the problem was introduced during dongle upgrade, I woudn’t be paying anything extra. After some discussions, it was agreed.

No slot available for next 10 days. I wasn’t happy that I had to use without display for 10 days. Agreed for the slot, given that they will try to get me a slot some time before. My request was to return the vehicle by Nov 12 as I need to travel on Nov 13.

No update throughout the week. Called them couple of times to remind. I was told no slots are available, but we will ask the service team to fix the issue and return the vehicle back same day.

On the day of pickup, staff came, but told it will take 48 hours to get the vehicle back. They had no idea of the request. I asked them to pickup only if they can return the vehicle back the same day as I need to travel next day. I even mentioned no need to fix anything else or wash the vehicle. Just fix the display issue and return it back.

They made some calls and It was agreed. Assured to get a callback from Service Advisor. No callback. After few hours, I called CC to remind. I was told I will get callback soon. No callback throughout the day.

Next day - Another callback with Strong words (Sorry to whoever I spoke harshly). I got callback and vehicle was returned back by 8 PM on Nov 13 finally.

Thanks to the riders who came during drizzles and the service advisor who co-ordinated. 4G and display working fine since 2 days. Hoping no more issues. :slight_smile:

3 areas needs to be improved. And, they are nothing new and Ather knows it.

  • Ather needs to scale up the available riders. Or, introduce nearby drop locations within 5 kms. And, if slots are not available, we can drop them in nearby locations.

  • Similar to what I have observed on multiple instances, Communication between CC → Service Team → Rider / Technician is poor.

  • When someone from CC confirms they will callback, it rarely happens. It needs a strong voice, escalation or a forum post to make it happen. But, why a customer needs to be a bad guy to make these simple things happen? :slight_smile:


during these days since ather gave away network communication for free, I have not seen the map load at all, I mean did they even calculate the data pipeline required to pull this off? all I see is the full network and blank map, and yes restart, shutdown did not work

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Strongly agree to all the points! I think everything service related can be resolved if we can just track our ticket number on our app itself! There ends the entire matter. Something similar to ordering a product online 🤌🏼. And whoever is assigned the ticket, becomes our POC (point of contact).

Hope ather considers this !


Maps have nothing to do with the data pipeline, this is likely due to the network issues we’re seeing currently. We sent a notification about this as well.

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Didn’t get this notification also older ones. Charging complete notifications have been on and off. Have already raised a ticket regarding this.

Even I did not get this notification! Looking at the image showing 13 mins, it seems recent. Or is it an old image?

Yes, I am sure 2g tech of your phone and scooter is different. That’s why they also come in vodafone or BSNL connection for Ather. Right? It’s about the technology available on market vs the decade old they’re slyly using . And thank God I am not updating because I only read IT STILL DOESN’T LOAD from anyone who uograded

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Ather didn’t choose 2G. They chose 3G which was major band until 2017.

It incidentally rolled back to 2G because Vodafone and other telecom operators pulling off the 3G plug.

4G started early 2017 and got mainstream in 2018. Ather could have shifted to 4G. But by then Ather was close to launch and they (including many) didn’t expect 3G to shut down in less than 5 years (definitely not 2 years).

The only miss they did IMO was late realisation of 3G shutdown and lazy to work on 4G dongle. ( More than 1 year after Vodafone announcing it).

Btw, BSNL is 100% on 3G and they are getting ready for 4G rollout since 6 months. :smiley:


Got my 450 upgraded to 4G a fortnight back after a near one year long wait since announcement of the upgrade. I got a functioning 4G dongle only on the second attempt since the first installation failed. As I was hoping for the connectivity issues to settle down, there comes a message that service provider has issues with their servers and so connected features would not work temporarily. Question remains, “how permanent is temporary?”. With this loss of connectivity due to server issues, offer of free connected features until 15th May 2022 does not make any sense.

Fixed… finally, I am having a network and it didn’t fail this time around. Was quite an inconvenience this time with Ather service. I hope it doesn’t repeat in the future.

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Probably a ploy to distract from how miserably the whole “connected” promises have been failing.

Why these geniuses wouldn’t cache data onboard the scooter and make it available over a local connection using the “secret” WLAN capability, while parallelly batch uploading it to the cloud provider when the connection is stable is beyond me…

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Some observations post upgradation of my 450 to 4G-LTE.

As the rains have paused for now, I got chances to ride to office (8.5kms, 25 mins.) yesterday and today. But found that connectivity was zero all along the route. Signal triangle was blank on the dashboard. Dashboard syncs with the app at will. Sync Interval ranges from “a moment ago” as large as 2 days. I am not sure if connectivity (server) issues at the service provider’s end have been resolved or is it that the 4G dongle is not functioning as it is supposed to do or has conked. Reliability on this connected scooter concept appears to be fading. Will need to observe more…until then I need to just be happy that at least two wheels of the scooter are working.

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Sync and Network issue has been observed throughout the platform.

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Clearly Ather’s priority is not customer experience any longer. The 4 G module was in works for over a year now and still nowhere close to working leaving the 450s connectivity useless. It clearly shows there is very less focus on fixing software side of things and they take their own sweet time.

How did you changed it. Whether they called u or you approached them. Ant charges for upgrading?

Things appear to be working finally well with upgradation to 4G-LTE after a near year long wait. Ride statistics are getting synched with the app, navigation is working and hope that the other connected features are working well as well. Thank you, Team Ather.

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