Upgrading your Ather 450 to 4G LTE

Hello everyone, how has the 4G upgrade experience been for those who are already there? What were the upgrade charges?

Initial niggles have been sorted out and recent upgrades looks like fine.

Thanks Vishnu! Do we have a choice in Network operator?

The vehicle has lost connectivity completely for the last 4 days. What is the status on the 4G upgrade for us 450 owners? Been waiting forever on this!!! Has Ather lost interest in providing support for the 450? Has success gone to Ather’s head?

Did you check with customer care on getting a slot?

The 4G dongle team called post the above. The same installed on the 24th Jan 2022. Is doing its expected job.


My Ather 450 has the issue of slow sync or no sync to the App, location is not accurate, the location tracking does not work.

This happened after a paid upgrade to 4G. I have written to Ather customer support numerous times, given the scooter for servicing, 4g dongle changed twice, GPS unit changed. Recently, my 450 was with service center and at IBC office for 3 weeks. The issue remains.

I have written to Mr Tarun Mehta, sent emails, called up Ather customer care. There is no courtesy call back to at least give me a timeline. When this issue is not resolved for 6 months, i don’t expect that Ather will resolve it immediately.

I waited for 1 year to get delivery of my 450 in 2019. The least I expect Ather to do is acknowledge the issue and provide a plan of action. As a customer, don’t I have a right to know the resolution timeline, the action Ather is taking to resolve?

A suggestion to the senior leadership of Ather, go to your service centers and you will get to know the first hand experience of customer feedback.

A humble request to Ather customer service - stop using the phrases “we understand”, “sorry that you are facing this issue” … “We will resolve soon”. They sound hollow, artificial and does not make any sense.


What can we expect in the next OTA update for the 450? High time we got a significant update for the software.



Two service visits totalling 5 weeks at Ather Service Center & changes to multiple hardware modules has not resolved the issue of navigation Lags & real time update when vehicle is on the move in the Ather APP.


Ather customer service sent me an email stating the following:

“Earlier refresh rate was 30 seconds however this has been changed to 2-3 minutes”

Can Ather team confirm this change? If this change happened, when did this occur and why were customers not notified? Why did it take more than 8 months to give this information? Why isn’t your service personnel at your service center not aware of this? They changed many hardware modules.