Update on backward compatibility of ESS

I rode an Ather 450X Pro Pack for my normal routine of 10km. My Gen 3 with 100% SoH drains 9% on the same route, the new 450X only consumed 6%.

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Wow, Thats 3% Difference is Cool

The Example I mentioned about was Forced Regen not Coasting Regen :slightly_smiling_face:

Recently We bought a 450x PP for my Village Mate and Maybe Its Time to Take that Vehicle for a Day Spin :+1: Thanks for Sharing Your Real World Experience :vulcan_salute:

My ride stats.

I had to use brakes at speed breakers even when I use twist regen cause the current twist regen is 16A.

And I’m 100% sure I can achieve even better efficiency with coasting regen and NO wrist pain :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not bad but I think it will be different cuz as soon as u leav the throttle it will slow down then free coasting

22wh/km with 50km/h top speed and 35km/h avg speed is really impressive. I’m sure you can get it below 20 with coasting regen!

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my driving style is different… I slowly achieve a speed and cruise at the same speed and it’s my habit now that whenever I leave the throttle I twist it to regen… you can say I hardly coast.:point_down:

That 22wh/km is very impressive. I would like to know more about your weight and if you boot space is empty. Also at what psi level your tyres are at.

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Ohhh yes u might be if u get a chance to try this is gen 4 with coasting regn pls do am really curious 19 wh/km doesn’t seem far

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62 kg + charger weight.

Didn’t check the tyre pressure after getting it filled 6 days ago

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i cant see this screen in my app from where i can get this riding style graph

It’s still in beta


These are some insights from my rides: Mine is 30 Wh/km while my father’s is 26 Wh/km. It shows that I’m not applying brakes too much yet I still get 30 Wh/km on the other hand my father drives it properly without over-revving and gets 27 Wh/km. After applying more brakes still wh/km is less my weight is 50 kg and my father’s is 73 - 75 kg also carrying a charger and 1 box of car paint weighing approximately 6 kg. The tyre pressure is set at 30/32 so yes, it depends on acceleration and how properly we use coasting.

I’m adding gdrive link as I don’t know how to add images pls access it using the link.

Someone on this thread was asking about the threshold for ESS so just sharing whatever information I have…

It is purely deceleration and speed based (mistakenly called out braking force earlier which was incorrect). When deceleration exceeds 6 m/s2 and vehicle speed is greater than 50 km/h, ESS engages. Deceleration is measured based on real wheel speed and not IMU/GPS. We have based this on an existing European standard - ECE R53 - to arrive at these threshold values.

If this wasn’t enough info for you and you’d want to know more about the logic behind this, the only solution would be to register for ACDC 24 and speak to our engineers yourself :smiley:


Oh I would love to be there! Can’t wait for the announcement. Thanks for the update Ryan! My suspicions of no brake force measurement and EU standard for deceleration value were right hehe


I can hear it’s happening, but when?

PS: I’m also waiting for some trailers for Rizta.

Also I request you to ask engineer to add hazard lights and also a feature that will blink lights to find scooter in mall or unknown place.

hazard lights cannot be added without a physical button for it


They can add reverse for gen 2 without physical buttone then offcourse they can give hazard lights.

They should have a toggle to enable hazard lights when moving forward in ParkAssist, same as reversing.

It would deny chappri riding with hazard lights while making movements when scooter has broken down safer. I should know, I rode 4 kms with a broken belt in ParkAssist to the nearest SC :stuck_out_tongue:


Call it anti chappri hazards :joy::skull: that would be nice tho