Ultraviolette F77

article source: Interview With Ola Electric: Delivery Timeline, Service Costs, Difference Between Ola Electric S1 Pro And Etergo Appscooter And More - ZigWheels

more about the standard:


Umm, you are in confusion, the standard BIS certification is common for all types of connectors till they follow the requirement. That doesn’t mean they are now government-required connectors. Ola connector is still proprietary and is not a government standard connector or global standard.

Think of this IS certification as the standard for all, like Anchor Roma Switch which will have the same IS certification as Havells switch but they both are not identical. now that Ola is following IS requirements and has a proprietary connector, not a standard connector.


oh, makes sense. i have very little knowledge about this, very sorry for the confusion.

since other manufacturers including TVS are opting for the Ola connector, i thought maybe it was endorsed by government?

They might be in contract with their Hypercharger network, so they might not have to set up their own charging network like Ather has, the Hypercharger will be shared among all existing companies like Ola, TVS, Ultraviolette and Simple One. And Ather’s is shared only with Vida.


Yep Ballistic Mode is Sick :hot_face:

Lollll , Doesn’t exist

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The instant torque in ballistic on a speedway :hot_pepper::rocket:

Last Time I missed giving a Spin But You will get another Chance Soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Be Ready with the Riding Gears

Heard ultraviolet 77 users will get 7+ Regen Mode via OTA.

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Can’t describe in words about the MAX Level Regen

One Should Sit back and Feel it I say

Tested that Running Prototype for a Week

Not Just Multi Level Regens

Next Level Updates They are Launching in OTA, Which will be a Head Turner for Sure :clap:

Even ultraviolette giving regen OTA’s. Atleast now you should say Ather is bad at making such essential features backward compatible.


Its Upto Company Policies and Their Strategies

Policies? When i purchased my 450x 3.1 Ather promised that I’ll l get cruise control, where is it?

And if you’re calling this their strategy that they sell giving false promises, thankyou for proving my point.


Not to mention advance regen was the biggest scam ever


Now he’s not replying even after seeing the posts. :joy:

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Leave aside documents. He stated verbally that we’ll be getting it. Haven’t you seen that video?

Please share terms and conditions you are referring to.

And even flagging my posts!

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Don’t worry if Ola has no accidents this summer. People are going back to purchase ola thats for sure.

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A thousand percent.

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