Transaction Charges on Cards and Netbanking

Why is there a 2% payment through card ?


I agree. They should not pass on the transaction charges to the customers. I think they took this practice from SP Road traders :laughing:

10 Likes, see that no transaction charges should be on the customer. Convince your banker that digital transaction is easing their cash handling process.

I think you should quote below to Ather chrome


@Ather.Team -------> please comment

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Abhishek Thanks, , I have shared it to them on mail. They have told me that they will speak to their Finance team and get back to me.

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We encounter this argument every day at all grocery stores and businesses which trade with little margins
Where few of them keep the price same for all types of transactions and list the fee incurred to them under business expenses.

Again it’s a choice, because we like the product we pay for it when we don’t have option (rules defined by business not customer)

You have not walked an extra mile to create a good customer experience from start . I’m buying it because of love of EV . Goliath had a fall too. These delays and all these 2% attitude kills the experience.lets see if the product is worth the premium



You guys have initiated a brilliant enterprise and the initial experience was just awesome… look around you … you have so many fans in such a less time… you guys are creating a cult image … now dont kill it with these transactional mentality of 2% to be levied on customers and a mobile charger to be costing additional stuff!! … c’mon… my car wash guy doesnt charge me 2% on the transaction…


This is not a basic product and its definitely a premium and early adopters end up being in beta mode . so much for loving the company for last 3 years killing it with this attitude. its not about asking them to remove the 2%. I’m worried about future experience. If this is what im signing up for im have a second thought


I sense Lot of sarcasm in this answer. my question was why I should pay 2% extra on CC, I’m not asking for alternate ways to save money.

@tarun your team needs to learn humility.
Remember the Bansals? we can learn a lot from them. don’t kill the excitement you built with such attitude.

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@cosmicworld1 Glad we spoke. Hopefully, we were able to explain the response and why we took the decision to have this charge. Equally, we buy the point that information on this should be available to the consumer well before the final payment.

We will update the website to reflect this information transparently early on in the consumer journey.



You also support digital payment wallets right? Like Paytm, phone pe and soon… Can we use this mode to do payment? And is it possible that I can split my payments within the time period you have mentioned above and complete my final payment?

The only beneficiary of the 2% are card companies who add no real value whatsoever to any transaction now that we have alternatives. If they wanted they could have charged fixed per transaction fees. Rupay charges about 90paise/txn. Visa and mastercard were a duopoly and have been charging extortionary amounts because they could. No reason to keep supporting them. Whether you do a 10K transaction or a 130K one, almost the same amount of bytes will go over the network, almost the same amount of CPU cycles and storage will be used to process it. So it is really a stupid model to be paying 2% to anyone. If the merchant distributes the charges to all consumers equally because a few consumers want to keep using this monopolistic expensive technology, it is not fair to the rest. Please do some research on this. Sending a few bytes conducting a financial txn should not cost me 2600 rs


Net banking also charging 2% is high why for net banking

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I had this issue as well and ended up paying around 1400 bucks above the lease down payment. I’m not in India currently and was worried that the payment window would close soon. Being in a timezone that is 12 hours behind didn’t help either. I could have paid using the NEFT or IMPS option, but those options don’t let you transfer beyond 50K before 24 hours of adding the beneficiary. So a combination of all these meant that I had to pay extra to what is already a pretty steep amount for an electric scooter.
I could understand if we have to pay extra for using a credit card (understandable, but no company should get a free pass for doing this), but why is this applicable even if we pay using Netbanking?

Preorder debited twice. Please refund one of my payment

Kindly drop an email to customer support email I’d with supporting

The money is not going to company. Ather is paying that money to bank to accept cards. I don’t deny the fact that here the 2% amount looks big since the price of the vehicle is more than Lakh.

The company has given both the option it’s up to customer to choose.

Even they know the fact this should not be charged if they had any option they would have made something to remove this charge after working out on all possibility they would have made this decision.

The feedback is taken they are working on it.

A startup company like this who is building things from scratch needs some support. I would like to guide them by understanding the stage that they are in.

When people can express their views on the concepts of the company (not pointing fingers to any one) even company can express their opinion about the concept.

If I see the Indian Automobile company (owned by Indian based in India) they are just countable.

If our older generation would have supported Indian companies this 2% would not have been here today.

I would like to give my future generation good Indian companies and great country.