Toggle between maps screen and dashboard when riding

This is a feature request for hiding the destination details or the navigation map while riding using a shortcut action like pressing the starter button. The button should toggle navigation view and the speedometer view.

  1. I think this feature is important as it provides a sense of privacy when you can temporarily hide your route and destination details from other nearby riders in slow moving, start-stop traffic or when stopped at signals.

  2. It allows rider to look at real time efficiency when map view isn’t needed for a short period, without having to stop the vehicle and switch between the map view and the speedometer view.

  3. At the very least, the destination name should be hidden from view while using the navigation feature by pressing a physical button.


Ya would be a great feature, For me i don’t worry about other people seeing my destination, rather i like the shortcut button to quickly switch between speedo and map : )


Bumping this up again. Would like to hide destination name on map, or the entire map itself while riding using a physical button. I don’t want to stop and hide map using the dashboard, I would like the starter button to do it. It seems possible to use the starter button for hiding map now especially since the auto-rerouting feature is enforced.


I feel that there must be an Option to Change/Toggle between Map and Speedo screen in Dashboard while driving using the Start switch. We are unable to find the Battery percentage for planning our Ride style if we are using the Map screen when driving, I have to stop and change the screen. If it is possible to Change while driving itself by releasing the Throttle and Toggle between Map and Speed screens @abhishek.balaji in next OTA pls


Instead of a toggle, an overlay display of the charge available over the maps can be thought of.

I feel this would make it too information dense. The range remaining is already shown in the maps screen.

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No but it doesn’t show the SOC %, which is most important information to display all time especially below 20%.

Ather messed up the Range calculation and shows standard 55/65/75 for all the people regardless of their riding style.

With my riding style i average around 60 Wh/Km, so i get around 40 Km on Sports mode, which translates to 4 Km / 10% SOC, So practically removing the bottom 20% in eco, i would have 80% of sports mode range, i.e 80% = 8 * 4 Km = 32 Km

Basically, i do all the calculation based on % for range calculation, as it’s very accurate.


Sir, can we get this Toggle screen facility in any of next OTA updates as this will be very useful while riding by seeing the navigation Map and also observe the battery % available in Speedo screen. Pls do provide this Toggle option to hide our screen also from someone riding nearby us.

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Before all, ODOMETER should be always visible at all times, whether in map, dash or etc.

Presently while driving odometer is not shown at all which is the First priority in checklist !


Speedometer or Odometer.!!? Speedometer and Tripmeter is visible now, what use you think for the need of Odometer while riding.?

There is some history to why these numbers are static. When Ather launched, all vehicles that were delivered with dynamic range displayed on the dash.

However during the Dec 2018 open house, some of the owners raised a concern that the dynamic range displayed was not necessarily accurate. This was because the range algorithm was running on much lesser data that it should, hence spitting out skewed results.

Ather then decided that they will flat line the range displayed on the dash to 55/65 and show the dynamic range in the App.

Unless you drag race at every traffic light, that number is unusually high!.

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Isn’t it a good idea to somewhere show all the data like

What Ather claims,

What a user based on his riding style will get,

Average range of all ather users.

If we somehow get to know this, we can tweak our riding style to improve range or learn what we are doing wrong or good :thinking:

This used to be shared as part of a monthly newsletter that Ather sent out. However, COVID seems to have temporarily paused it.


You tell me :wink:

If my sports average range is 40 Km:

Nominal battery capacity / range = average efficiency

2,400 Wh / 40 km = 60 Wh/Km

And if I drag race every time my efficiency will be upwards in 70s :zap::sunglasses:

Some more pics for reference, if you are still confused :grin:

Also I use sports all time.

Unless if my battery drops below 28% or 18% system automatically downgrades the mode.

Speedometer is always visible, wonder what is the confusion there.

There are lots of uses for Odometer, One being, it gives sense of overall km used all the time, for example 3k, 5k etc. it’s like a muscle memory of total Kms at same place in dash.

If I ask suddenly how many kms driven in Ather, most of the people doesn’t know without checking their dash, but when odo is always locked in a place, subconsciously atleast in 1000s you will know your odo well.


I know what you mean man When I was commuting for 30 Km day on my ather pre covid my efficiency was about 35-40 Wh/Km Since covid I’ve been using my scooter for very short distances. Under 3Km only in sports and averages 60-70Wh/Km

I’m just enjoying the torque with no care for the range at all. Which results in really really hard acceleration and even harder breaking. I see you’ve ridden your ather for just 2k Km and you’re still in that phase of feeling the torque of sports more. There’s us and then there are people who average at 25Wh/Km :dizzy_face: We don’t need the range, we might as well enjoy our scooters

Not really, I’ve been using my scooter within 2 Km of my house and I live in a area with just gradients all around so my efficiency sinve covid has been in the 60-70Wh/Km range. :see_no_evil: Even more sometimes