Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

No sports mode


My vehicle is not changing back to Eco/SmartEco when SOC is less that 15% or even at 10%. I am able to ride in Warp mode even at single digit SOC, is it normal :smiley:

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i think after certain battery level, it automatically goes into low power mode.

If you’ve activated Smart Eco, then it is.

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Yes I have activated SmartEco, but still it used to switch to SmartEco when SOC was below 16%.

It’s not supposed to. With smart eco you can use higher modes till 0%.

I am learning something new today as I recently turned SmartEco On.

Also one query, do we need to mail Ather every month to get Ride Statistics?

I mailed them last month and got Sept ride stats, and this month I have not got it yet of October month.

You don’t need to. But if they don’t send it, then you can send them an email.


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I’m getting expected range as 83km for sports mode Is it a glitch or am i actually riding clean?

We have achieved 87 km in 85% with Gen 2 with Sports and Warp mode.

Not a glitch at all. Just shows the prediction range from previous few rides.


Where did you get this screenshot from?

This was from September Monthly Ride log sent to my mail by Ather.

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So I’m a new rider, got my Ather 3 months back and i ride like 45-50 kms everyday with pillion rider in sports mode with average speed around 35-40kmph, and my bike goes from 91 to 25% each day and i charge it up to 91-95% at Ather grid near my home. Is there anyway I can improve the mileage? I get around 65 km range on sports mode with a pillion rider.

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I think you can achieve 100+ km with a pillion rider. Focus on acceleration and breaking.

Here is my range test video, where with Gen 2 Ather 450x, we got a 100km range with a pillion rider.


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Guys I have observed one thing You can achieve even 18whkm

1 ride in sport mode 2 the Amount of times you’re engaging the accelerator. Try to keep accelerator nil at down hills don’t do regen only do it if you need to brake or else let the vehicle go till where it can 3 be gentle on the throttle 4 avoid hard braking 5 top speed doesn’t matter. The time you’re engaging the accelerator matters 6 try to take smooth roads rather than bumpy road I’m getting daily consistent 18-20whkm daily. It’s not that hard