Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

I am unable to see my ride status in Ather app. Could you help me with that?

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if its your new bike than make sure your Order status is marked as Delivered in the website,


In some phones dark mode can be forced on a app. And the Ather app does not support dark mode causing the phone to forcefully make the app colors dark resulting in the orange color becoming brown.


@saranyam.13891 thanks for the tip


How much charge waseft after this ride?


30% was still left…


That’s a good ride Ranganath :+1: to extract that much.

Totally agree that we should avoid unnecessary breaking and use sports mode … it gives best results. In fact when riding with pillion … eco mode is useless in dehradun, then when I shifted to wrap mode it gives optimum range. I once ridden staright 2 hour ride in traffic and up and down slopes, stopping for few minutes in between , and it covered about 45 kms in 40% battery. So that’s perfect. We can safely say we can do 110 kms with pillow riding. Overall daily usage, I have managed to get 26-27wh/km this week , but mostly it’s been about 33wh/km.

I am not able to use Regen yet, it’s very hard reverse throttle. I be think it should be auto. Why isn’t auto. Although the free movement on leaving throttle is very good in Ather that’s why we are getting high range. We can ride in momentum. That’s the best part


:fire:EFFICIENCY​:fire: :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


No. Efficiency entirely depends on how you ride, not the battery.

Anyone can achieve any efficiency on any mode, throttle and regen are what affect the efficiency.

on my 450+ Gen3, I can achieve 20wh/km on any mode, including Sports. I can also do 40-50wh/km on Eco mode!


Which also means you can do great by reading this thread from top.

What were you trying to do? Launch to Mars :smile: ?


It’s calculation error I believe. Even the travel time is double than what I rode. :wink:


Yesterday i got 40+wh/km in eco mode and you are getting less than 30wh/km in warp mode. This means my 450plus battery needs replacement, right. My 450plus gen3 is less than 1 week old

Facing the same battery draining problem, at 5:30am my Ather 450 plus was at 85km range(100% battery) and I removed it from charging and parked it (parking distance from the charging point to parking is around 30 meters) after parking my 450plus the range dropped by 1km, it was showing 84km and even after riding just 200meter the at the 8:30 am the available range was again dropped to 83km which means after riding 20% of 1km the range dropped by 1km, it is not at all good when 80% of range is gone,
[all this happened on 24th December 2022] after 3or4 days of purchase. The battery health is not at all normal or even close to normal on my 450plus on 24 got very bad efficiency:-see stats

AND today on 25/12/2022 around 2:00AM i was left with 66km range when i saw at morning around 11:00am the range dropped by 1km():upside_down_face: so i was left with 65km of range and after riding 3.2 kilometers now i’m left with 48 kilometers, range dropped by 7km without even riding half of it :cry: sharing today’s stats also

Not just this, Ather grid is supposed to fully charge the 450plus in around 1hr 30min but when i was charging my 450plus before 3or4 days from now i waited for 50 min and the range i got after 50min of charging was 12 kilometers ( plugged charging when range was 18km [23% battery] ) so you cannot say that
“it was bcoz the battery was almost full and it charges slowly at that time” - this statement is not valid even when battery is 90%(when charging at Ather grid)

This is all battery problem i suppose. Ather, i need resolution ASAP

This was a kind of experiment for a week to test if I can get good range at sports/warp mode only. And after this I have never gone back to Eco/Ride mode ever. All the above rides adds upto 102.8km After all the rides I was left with 9% (8km) left, so we can easily get 110+ in Sports/Warp mode. Also I am a bit aggressive on Regen so i try to get the most out of it. As soon as i reach 86% I start using regen till the last bit whenever possible. Also I feel like regen works below 20kmph even though its mentioned that it will work on 20+kmph. Just want to comfirm if its fine to use regen below 20kmph?

Rest all I am satisfied with the performance and range. :slight_smile:


Last one month my vehicle efficiency is above @ 40Wh/km my daily ride is 40kms. Majority of highways with no traffic. Charge is also dressing very quick. For just initial 100m run it drops 1%. Please help me with the issue @abhishek.balaji.

What is your driving mode you use. If your speed is above 40 don’t use eco mode. Instead you can use sport mode if your speed is between 40 to 60. Try this and check your efficiency.


Whatever speed you drive use Sport mode…It’ll always help you to achieve greater efficiency than any other modes…

Is it better than warp mode in case of efficiency and range?

Using the top modes (Sport/Warp) will always result in a better range and efficiency than any other modes…


from where did you get this graph image from.I have bought 450x on 14 dec 2022 but i cant see this kind of graph in my Ather app


Which one??