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Seems Ather standardised their CS response it always starts at waiting position 5 till 1 and then they will get busy and disconnect. Initially it used to be different number and some times it used to connect.

Also standardised their response. We have noted the issue, it is a known issue and our development team is working on this, will reduce the issues.with in couple of weeks. ( they are not throwing a wrong answer, to be noted they did not mention how many couple of weeks only god knows the multiplication factor that has to be applied).

PS: it is reduce not rectify

@tarun @abhishek.balaji @Swapnill the reputation must increase that is what we are looking for and supporting for but seems to be that reputation is spoiling among those who like the product leave about increasing new reputation. People started asking what you have paid that premium amount for, for this prototype to become a testbed.:man_facepalming:

Posted here knowingly not in different topic because now it became a funny side hearing these answers.

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Attractive solution :heart_eyes::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Solution is not working any more bro. It is like mosquitoes :mosquito:, evolution happened it seems advanced repellent is required now.

I tried those but of no use in few minutes it repeats & main critical issue is the screen turning on after we turn-off the key.

I spoke to customer care finally after 1/2 day of effort and they said they can pick the vehicle to check the issue only after 31st December. I asked why so late it is a critical issue and need to be attended on priority basis as I am not the only one with issue.

He said they had general service request till Dec 30 and cannot pick the vehicle till then.

I asked if an OTA is planned in this week so that I can check if issue rectifies after that I can check and then will plan pick up as the suggested date is so long.

He said that they are not expecting any OTA in next ten days and by the time OTA comes we will already check and give your vehicle back.

Yesterday some one from Ather posted that an OTA is expected for 450x in this week.Now whom should we believe.

Wait out for the next OTA and see if issues resolve. Forum posts on OTA and app updates from Ather are reliable. CC may have been slightly behind this time.

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Hi! I’m not going to attend any online classes until I get the Spirit Of 450 or something.


Even if they promise to give it to you soon, You’ll be having PHD degree by that time.


I also tweeted this tagging Ather,Tarun,Swapnil and Ravneet. I did include the “soon” thing though but later deleted the tweet because I really wanted it.

I didn’t say this Team, Sumanjay did. Don’t give him anything but you can give it to me. :slight_smile:

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That is the only hope of which I am waiting.

Seeing some update from Abhishek, filled in the form hope I am one of the fifty :crossed_fingers:.

Completely agree with you ! I was not able to connect to CS for more than a week and never received a call from them as well …

It’s very sad to see that Ather is not focusing on improving their post sales service :frowning:

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FYI, in case you missed it they are working on improving the experience.

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It’s TRUE.


Not sure about funny but it’s also true :neutral_face:


I was telling my daughter about Synonyms and Antonyms and this is the example I took…


If you don’t want to invite any confusion in her concepts make sure you keep her away from the forums.


Petition post to hire me for Social Media Marketing especially for influencers. I have commented on many videos too but don’t have the screenshot.

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A conversation with an old man at a signal.

After hearing me out about my Ather450X 's features & on road price of Mumbai

He :You know what technology & development is okay but you could have saved 80-85K by buying conventional scooter as at the end it just matter of reaching the destination right? Me : Sir which phone do you use? He : iPhone X. Me : you know what sir you could have also saved amost 65K by buying Jio Phone because at the end it just matter of calling right? He : :neutral_face:


Abhishek should join CS while taking care of the forum too. Everyday I can see him posting, have flagged this to CS team/social media team etc etc for further updates and information. :joy::joy:

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Ather really needs to hire me now! Don’t pay, just give some merch :wink:

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I’m contemplating changing my name to “NOT CS” xD

Maybe a couple of secret tiers in the referral program :smiley:


That’s a good idea. Ather team but not CS. Secret tiers :wink: . You already have my address and other details. Why wait?